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The Power of LinkedIn For Network Marketers with Scott Aaron

Hi beautiful! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who’s ready to step into the life she’s always dreamed of. I’m glad you’re here!

One of the biggest questions that I hear time and time again when it comes to building your network marketing business is, “Where do I find quality leads?”

Not many of us are using LinkedIn to find leads, and that’s why I’m so excited to bring you today’s episode with Scott Aaron. I’ll be honest, I’ve been really underutilizing LinkedIn in my own business. But it’s a great platform for building connections and treating your business like a real business. Scott Aaron is the perfect guest to help us all learn how to do this!

Scott Aaron is an absolute genius at using LinkedIn. I took so many notes during this episode, and I strongly recommend you have a pen and paper handy while you listen! No matter where you are in your business journey, LinkedIn is a great tool for finding your community and sharing your story authentically. Let’s dive in!

Who Is Scott Aaron?

Scott Aaron is truly a jack-of-all-trades. He is an internationally acclaimed network marketer, speaker, author, podcaster, and LinkedIn and Human Connection coach. He is an expert at building relationships that support successful network marketing businesses, and he’s passionate about sharing his tips and tricks with network marketers just starting out in the career.

Scott is the number one bestselling author of The LinkedIn Book for Network Marketing and The Network Marketing Academy. He’s also the host of The Network Marketing Made Simple Podcast. His knowledge — accumulated over the last six years growing a successful network marketing business for himself — is sure to help anyone gain confidence, build relationships, and grow their personal brand.

What I love most about Scott is how authentic he is. He does not shy away from telling his story, and that’s what makes him such an amazing network marketer. Scott says that his story is what makes him boldly courageous:

“My father’s two and a half year incarceration when I was 18 is what got me into entrepreneurship and having to take over the family business as a teenager. I started selling to gyms for a million dollars in 2003 at the age of 24, to only find myself five years later, opening up a third gym and being in $1.5 million of liability debt on a personal level. I got married, divorced twice, and now I look back on those relationships not as failures but as successes: the lessons that I learned from them, the second marriage left me with one of the greatest gifts, which is my almost eight-year-old little boy Taylor. These experiences also helped me with my emotional maturity to attract the woman of my dreams, my future wife, Nancy.”

Scott Aaron

I strongly encourage you to check out Scott’s website and consider whether working one-on-one with him is right for you. I know that every time I hear Scott give a presentation, I walk away with a ton of notes and incredibly useful techniques and strategies that I know I can implement in my business.

Share Authentically from a Place of Empowerment

I resonate with Scott’s story in so many ways. It brings me back to when I first started as a network marketer. I would share my story about losing my job and that I was in over a hundred thousand dollars of debt. I was judging myself, but I would gloss over that part. I wouldn’t really go deep. While I was sharing parts of my story, I wasn’t sharing the juiciness of it. It was scary! I was afraid people would judge me. Scott said he understands that feeling.

“I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love it because, as you know, one of my driving forces is creating human connection. I love connecting with people, whether it’s online or in person. But I see so many incongruencies. I see people doing things to get likes and to get comments and to get followers. Where does that end up leaving you at the end of the day? No one shares the ‘down moments.’ I show up differently on social media. I always lead with value. I put out informative things. I put out educational things. I show pieces of my life.”

Scott Aaron

I love that Scott shares his story from a place of empowerment. He’s not afraid to get messy. I asked Scott how he tells his story on social media without it feeling like a “dear diary” post. How do you get to that place of empowerment?

“Everybody has a story. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how long or how short you’ve been in network marketing. Everybody has a story. You just haven’t sat down to write it out.”

Scott Aaron

Scott has an exercise that I think is a really powerful way to take control of your story. He starts with a timeline of pivotal moments in his life.

“The first step you want to do is you want to grab a piece of paper and draw two lines. So you can make up three columns. On the far left column, write down obstacles that you had to overcome in your life. In the middle column, write is the lesson that you learned through that experience. You’re writing your past on that left-hand side. You found a way through whatever happened. So, in that middle column, you write down what you did to grow through that event. In the far right column, write the biggest thing that has happened since you overcame that obstacle –– what happened, what lesson was learned.”

Scott Aaron

Babe, I absolutely love this exercise. It forces you to embrace your boldly courageous side because it’s right there on paper. Lean into your strength and use it to find your tribe! This is how you move beyond the fear of judgment of what others will think of you.

“When you actually speak about those things [that you went through], you’re creating trust. You’re creating loyalty, relationships, connection between you and your audience … the real people, the people that really relate to you as you step forward with your story, are the ones that you’re going to run with.”

Scott Aaron

Finding your community of people and making authentic connections is important for everyone –– not just my network marketers out there. Move beyond that fear of judgment, and your mindset will set you free!

Magical Unicorns: Finding Your Network Marketing Community

Ok, so we all want to build successful businesses, right?! We all want to work with likeminded people and find people who are on the same page as us. I call these people magical unicorns: Quality leads that resonate with your business. I asked Scott how we can find these special humans:

“I always talk about how there are two types of marketing right now. There’s attraction marketing and social marketing –– the social platforms of Facebook and Instagram. I call Facebook the BBQ of social media. That’s where people go to hang out and check in on people’s lives. But here’s the thing –– if you are building a network marketing business, the quality people will always lead you to the quantity of people, not the other way around. You want to work smarter, not harder.”

Scott Aaron

Many of us network marketers work on social networks, Instagram and Facebook, because that’s what we were taught, right? But there’s more to it than just following the crowd. Scott says that LinkedIn is the place to be.

“There are three aspects of why I feel LinkedIn is the optimal platform. The age demographic, 35 to 55, is the same demographic as a network marketer. [The annual income of a user] is a hundred thousand dollars a year or more. And, the size of the organic network that you can grow –– 30,000 connections.”

Scott Aaron

Makes a lot of sense, right babe?! If you’re like me and new to LinkedIn, get ready, because Scott’s about to drop a lot of wisdom about using this platform to its full potential.

Putting It All Together on LinkedIn

I’ve heard Scott run through his strategy for succeeding on LinkedIn before, and let me tell you, these steps are seriously powerful. Scott is LinkedIn Jedi. He says to envision these steps like tiers to a layer cake. We’re going to start at the bottom –– the base of the cake –– and work our way up.

“The base of what you guys need to do is optimize your profile. When Microsoft bought LinkedIn about five years ago, they embedded SEO onto your profile. That means the keywords on your profile on LinkedIn appear on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you go on Google and search Scott Aaron, I guarantee you one of the first results that’s going to come up is my LinkedIn profile.”

Scott Aaron

That’s huge, right? Just by optimizing your profile, you can start attracting new leads. As you go through and fill out your LinkedIn page, Scott says to keep it personal: don’t get into your network marketing company — don’t even mention it on your profile. It’s all about showing your connections, recommendations, and story.

“The second layer is actually connecting with people. I’m not looking for just anyone. I’m looking for someone business-minded like me. I want you guys to think about this: Who is the person that if I reach out to without knowing them, I would have the most relatable conversation from a business aspect?”

Scott Aaron

Those cold connections can become warm ones because you’re starting from a shared place of understanding. This is where sharing your authentic story is so, so important! Be empowered to share who you are and you’ll find people who resonate with that.

“The third layer is — and this is where the wheels fall off — messaging. I’ve developed something called the magic formula, and it’s a three-step process where anyone can create a very engaging and warm message to a cold connection. First, mention the person’s name. ‘Hey Melissa, great to connect to you.’ Then, lower the drawbridge so that person can walk across and recognize there is relatability here. The third part of that message is finishing with something called a CTA, a call to action.”

Scott Aaron

We talked about sending quality messages in Episode 33, and if you guys missed it, go back and check it out. There’s some great tips in there for all my network marketers looking to improve their response rate. Ok, now back to the cake:

“Now, the fourth part, the most important part, but also the smallest part, is content creation. If you’re going to go on LinkedIn, I don’t care what you guys decide to do — just make sure you produce one piece of content a day. It could be a post, a video, an article. It should have nothing to do with the products that you take or the transformations that people have physically.”

Scott Aaron

You might be sitting there like, what? I’m not promoting my products? Scott says what you share on LinkedIn should be a little different that on Instagram or Facebook.

“There are two things that you want to do when you’re providing content on LinkedIn. Number one, educate the audience and those connections that you’ve been building on something that they could relate to you — your similar business background. Number two, inform them. If you’re building a lookalike network, and there’s something new that you’ve learned within the industry that you used to be a part of, inform them of something that has helped you, that could help them. I call this the push/pull method. The push is you coldly (but warmly) reaching out to people that you’ve connected with through a message. The pull is you bringing people closer to you with the content that you’re providing.”

Scott Aaron

There are two big themes that really stand out to me as Scott is describing his strategy. First, network marketing and the idea of building connections over LinkedIn is all about the long-term relationship. We’re all driving toward short-term results, but in the process, we’re missing the opportunity to connect.

Second, I can already hear the limiting beliefs coming up for people: This isn’t just posting pictures of smoothies or your dog! This is big leagues stuff. But I know you got this, babe. Shift that mindset and get out there.

Be Boldly Courageous with Scott Aaron

This is one episode that you are going to want to bookmark! You’re going to want to listen to this episode a couple of times, and make sure that you have a notebook out to write down the information that Scott shares.

What I learned in this episode is that people need to start treating their network marketing business not like a lottery ticket but like a 401k. When you think of your business like a long-term investment, you understand the importance of compound interest — in the form of money or relationships. The more that interest bill is, the more money that you can create.

We covered so much in this episode, and I’m so grateful that Scott took the time to share all his knowledge with me. He’s also offering a free 15-minute phone call for anyone who is interested to learn more about LinkedIn. Schedule a call on Scott’s website and definitely follow him on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and, of course, LinkedIn.

Babe, if you loved this episode, please share it on social media — especially LinkedIn and tag Scott and me in your post! I can’t wait to see you all perfecting your LinkedIn pages. Remember, it’s alllll about relationships. That’s the whole heart and soul of network marketing right there!

Until next time, babe! Go out there and connect with someone new on LinkedIn!

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