See It, Speak It, Know It, and Have It with Freq Rituals Founder Andrea Crowder

Hey beautiful! Welcome back to another episode of the Boldly Courageous podcast! 

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I talk a lot about manifesting your desires. I believe that manifestation is a really beautiful thing, and it’s how we bring the things we truly desire into our lives. But how does it work, really? My guest today is the perfect person to answer that question.

Andrea Crowder is a manifestation expert. As a coach, speaker, and now product designer, she is dedicated to creating high-quality products and services to help women everywhere create their dream lives.

Babe, Andrea’s explanation of manifestation is so simple and beautiful — it will rock your world! Andrea is so good at breaking down the process and explaining how we can all move our energy and create the lives we want — I’m excited for her to share her wisdom with you today!

Andrea also has a wonderful new product line with her company, Freq Rituals. She has created a beautiful line of products designed to help you tap into a vibration of abundance and use your energy to manifest anything you may desire. Andrea’s going to give some more details on her new product line and how they work in just a minute, so stay tuned for that!

Babe, this interview is really incredible and beautiful. Andrea has this gorgeous spirit that I truly admire, and I know you’re going to absolutely fall in love with her. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who Is Andrea Crowder?

Andrea Crowder is fucking OBSESSED with transformations of the mind, body, spirit, and bank account. Through her digital courses, coaching, speaking, and physical products, she teaches women to master their own minds, bodies, and emotions so they create a life that feels good — on purpose.


She is also the founder of Freq Rituals, a women-owned company creating frequency-infused modern manifestation products to help normalize the feeling of wealth, freedom, and love in the body. 

Freq is edgy, modern, and effortlessly cool — but it’s also fucking brilliant. With the perfect blend of intention, aesthetics, science, psychology, and spirituality — we like to say she’s a “faithful fairy godmother meets forever hype woman” that will help you take those feelings of wealth, freedom, and love from new to déjà vu. Their first collection, “She Makes Bank” just dropped on November 20th and is sure to be the hottest gift to give all your spiritual soul sisters this holiday season.

Babe, I cannot wait to introduce you to this total boss babe. I have so much admiration for Andrea and the incredible work she is doing to help people just like you and me step into our full power and manifest the lives of our dreams. Andrea has so much light to share, and I’m grateful to her for taking the time to join me for an episode of Boldly Courageous to share it.

And Andrea did not fail to deliver! Our conversation was inspiring, and I learned so much from her. In our interview, Andrea and I talked about how we can move our energy to tap into our full power and understand when something is a “yes” or a “no.” We also talked about Andrea’s philosophy about manifestation — she really breaks down the manifestation process and makes it seem so easy! Then Andrea gave me a little more insight into her new product line and what makes Freq a little different and special compared to other products.

Babe, this interview was incredible! I’m excited to dive in, so let’s do just that!

Tap into Your Natural Source of Energy

Have you ever had this experience? You’re sitting in a course or a seminar or maybe you’re even working with a coach, and something is just not clicking with you. Perhaps you feel like the speaker’s method or philosophy aren’t totally aligned with yours. Or maybe you’ve even tried some of your coach’s strategies, but they just aren’t working for you and your business.

To make matters worse, once you realize that things just aren’t in alignment, you’re not sure what to do. You might feel bad and wonder why you can’t seem to get certain tools or strategies to work for you. Love, I want you to know that’s it’s okay! There is nothing wrong with you! You just have a different natural source of energy.

Andrea has experienced this particular problem from the point of view of a business leader. Like me, Andrea used to work in network marketing. She climbed the ladder and built an impressive business, but as a leader, she knew she needed to create a template for network marketers coming up behind her to follow. However, she recognized that not all of her team members resonated with her program, and for a while, she took that personally.

“I took that personally as a leader because I brought these people in, and I made a promise to them that they could do what I’ve done and the way that [the business] was set up wasn’t actually so that everybody could do what I had done. And so I tried to figure out what the difference was, why was it that it was working for me versus working for everyone? And I realized that different people are energized by different things.”

Andrea Crowder

If you’re not clicking with a certain strategy or leader or coach, there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re just energized by something different — and that’s okay! The key is to figure out what energizes you specifically and lean into that.

But how can you discover your own unique sources of energy? Andrea says that the key is self-awareness:

“So when I started launching my own personal courses, it was really around teaching people really, really deep self-awareness on where their natural sources of energy were and what were the strategic options available around them versus trying to build them around somebody else’s strategy that says they promise them six-figures in a year.”

Andrea Crowder

What truly lights you up? What are you passionate about? When you get crystal-clear on what you love and what aligns with your heart and soul, you can create strategies that will work for you. You’ll be much more aware of whether you’re feeling a “yes” or a “no,” and you’ll be able to achieve the success of your dreams.

The Manifestation Formula

Babe, I love a short and simple formula, and that’s Andrea’s specialty! She is so good at summarizing things in little quick bites of information that anyone can easily digest, and I’m excited to share her quick and easy formula for manifestation today!

“So the four-step [formula] … of manifestation became, ‘ See it, speak it, know it, have it.’ ‘See it’ — meaning visualize. If you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there, right? ‘Speak it’ is verbally affirming it, saying that it’s already yours. And then the ‘know’ piece is the feeling like if you have that knowingness in your body that the package you ordered from Amazon is going to show up on Thursday. … The knowingness is the frequency that actually pulls the experience to you. … And then the ‘have it’ is the aligned action.”

Andrea Crowder

Let’s break that formula down a little bit. Andrea has four easy steps anyone can use to manifest the success they desire. 

Step #1: See It

This is the visualization step. Picture what you want in your mind, and maybe journal about it. You can even create a vision board so that you have a literal visual reminder of your goals! This step is all about getting clear on what it is you want and imagining what it would be like to have it.

Step #2: Speak It

This step is where you actually begin the process of manifesting. On the “speak it” step, start talking about what you want. But here’s the catch: You have to speak as though you’ve already achieved or acquired whatever you’re trying to manifest. So, for example, if you’re hoping to make six-figures this year, you might say, “Wow! I feel so accomplished! I made six-figures this  year!” Speaking about your goals in this way starts the process of drawing success and abundance to you.

Step #3: Know It

Now this is the challenging part. When you want to manifest something and truly call it into your life, you have to know in your body that it is coming to you. You have to tap into the frequency of whatever you want to attract and know with all your heart that it is coming to you. If you’re hoping to make six-figures this year, you have to know that you will make those six-figures. If you want to manifest a new house or a new relationship, you have to believe that house or that relationship is on their way to you. Believe it with everything you’ve got!

Step #4: Have it

Once you know what you want, you’re speaking as if it’s already yours, and you know in your soul that it’s coming to you, all that’s left is to take aligned action. This is where you take the necessary steps to make that thing yours. Don’t hesitate, and don’t be afraid! Show up for yourself, and trust your intuition. You’ll know what actions you need to take, and when you take those actions, everything you want to manifest will be yours.

And that’s it! The simple, four-step formula for manifestation. With just these four steps, you can manifest anything — from greater success in your career to more financial abundance to new relationships. You have the power to attract your dream life — all you have to do is see it, speak it, know it, and have it!

Freq Rituals’ Amazing New Product Line!

Since I had the founder of Freq Rituals on my show, I had to ask her to talk about her incredible new product line — the She Makes Bank Collection! Freq Rituals has just released their brand new product line with just one mission:

“Our main focus for the brand is to normalize the feeling of wealth, freedom, and love in the body.”

Andrea Crowder

Sounds amazing, right? So what are the new products, and how do they work?

The She Makes Bank Collection is made up of three different products — a mist, an elixir, and a bath salt. To use the mist, simply spray a little in the air and on your wrists when you sit down to meditate. To take the elixir, stir eight to ten drops into a glass of water. And, of course, the bath salts are specifically for use in a soothing and meditative bath.

All three products are infused with ingredients specifically chosen to help you manifest anything you can dream of. Here’s how Andrea explained it: 

“What [the bath salts and the elixir] do is the frequencies that are infused into them through our scientific process [are] frequencies that help you get into deep meditation or visualization. … The frequencies start to slow the brainwaves down. And when you slow the brain waves down, you can start to access subconscious thoughts … that [have] been helping dictate your decisions that maybe you weren’t aware of. … [And the mist] is intended to use a concept called anchoring … that teaches you to pair a thought to one of your five senses. … We designed this product [to help you] pair the vision of your future to the scent, which is really very beautiful.”

Andrea Crowder

Um, can I get the economy sizes, please?! These products have been so carefully and scientifically designed to help women like you and me manifest our goals. They contain ingredients like jasmine, palo santo, rose, and frankincense, which support our ability to manifest our desires.

All of these products were designed based on research done by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He explains that by lowering your brainwaves and getting into a theta state, we can actually reprogram our brains to start living in the future. (That’s how we can know with confidence that things we are trying to manifest are actually coming to us!) Andrea and her team at Freq have chosen ingredients that are especially conducive to lowering your brainwaves to allow you to do just that.

I am so excited for Andrea and impressed by these beautiful new product lines she’s created! I know that these products will help countless women attract everything they desire. I know I’m going to pick up the collection, and I’d encourage you to purchase it too!

Be Boldly Courageous with Andrea Crowder

Babe, this interview was amazing! I learned so much from Andrea, and I am super excited to start using her new products. I know that through her wisdom, coaching, and new product line, Andrea is going to serve countless women, and I’m so grateful I got to talk to her at this special point on her journey!

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Until next time — babe, you can manifest your dream life! See it, speak it, know it, and have it — it’s as simple as that!

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