Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Brand with Reuben Driedger

How’s it going, love? Welcome back to the Boldly Courageous, a podcast made for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take that next step into the life she’s always dreamed of! I am so thankful that you’re here and you’re joining me on this incredible journey. 

I want to start with this important question: Are you working hard, or are you working smart? 

Sometimes, we can get caught up in the hustle culture and work ourselves into the ground when really, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. I know that I, for one, have been here — I’m a high achiever and will easily pour hours and hours into my work without taking the time to consider, “Am I actually doing all this effectively? Should I be focusing on something else? Where is my time best spent?”

For me, a lot of this revolves around my social media presence. I’ve had a limiting belief that social media requires hours and hours of work, but really, it’s just about working smarter — not longer.

Does this sound like you, babe? If you’re struggling to know where to put your time and effort into building your brand, then you’re going to want to keep reading. 

Today, I have the brilliant Reuben Driedger to help us dive into all things productivity, social media, and building a client base. Reuben is a passionate entrepreneur with a heart of gold, and I’m so pumped for you to hear from him today.

Who Is Reuben Driedger? 

Reuben is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has built and scaled multiple businesses to six-figures and multiple six figures. Currently, he helps service-based businesses and heart-centered entrepreneurs by coaching them how to grow and monetize their online coaching programs and courses. In other words, Reuben is the ultimate coach for coaches! 

By successfully working with hundreds of coaches, Reuben has learned how to help people create companies and six-figure incomes within a matter of months. His passion runs deep for impacting the lives of others through teaching, and it is his mission to empower every entrepreneur to build a heart-centered brand. 

Reuben is the perfect example of someone who saw a need and used his skills, his knowledge, and his passion to create a solution. He has helped over 400 entrepreneurs go full time and beyond in the online space, and today, he’s going to help you, too.

In this interview, Reuben shares some amazing truths about social media and productivity that are going to blow your mind. He’s honestly one of the most efficient workers that I have ever met — He only works six hours a day, and gets more done than most people finish within 12 hours. Not to mention, his social media strategies reap amazing rewards. So without further ado, let’s get into the interview! 

Work Smarter, NOT Longer

When I started network marketing, I was not working six hours a day — I was working around eight or ten. I woke up in the morning at 7:00 AM and usually didn’t eat until 3:00 PM. I was so focused on my work that it was easy to lose track of time, and before I knew it, it was time to go to bed and start it all over the next morning. 

During that time, I had a scarcity mindset that was telling me, “If you shut off, you’re going to lose a sale. You’re going to get behind. You’re going to miss opportunities.” The fear of falling behind propelled me to keep working, but it burned me out and let me unsatisfied.

This was Reuben’s story, too. He went from working 12 hours a day to six, and so I was curious to learn more about his story and what changed for him:

“In all retrospect, I think I get more work done now in six hours than I used to get done in 12 hours. And I think it comes down to a couple things. The first thing is a lot of people do busy work. … Busy work is things that you do … that don’t move you closer to where you want to go. [This] could be just focusing on the wrong things [or] focusing on too many things at once.”

Reuben Driedger 

When Reuben works with someone to maximize their productivity, he takes a look at their calendar and cuts about 20% of what they “need” to do. Why? Because usually, 20% of your work isn’t going to move you forward. Then, you finally have the space to do the things that ARE important: 

“When you say ‘no’ to the things that seem important but actually aren’t, you have time to do other stuff that’s actually important.”

Reuben Driedger 

What are some things you could start saying “no” to? I know for me, busy work is always tempting because it lets me feel accomplished without having to face the “scary” things. Combing through my email is a lot more “risk-free” than launching a new program. But what pushes me forward? I think you know the answer.

Once you’ve cut the busy-work, the next step is to set perimeters for yourself. For Reuben, that’s working a max of six hours per day. 

“I learned this from one of my mentors — he always said that, ‘limitation creates acceleration’… if you have less time to do something, either you’ll find a more productive way to do it, or you’ll get creative and outsource it so that someone else does it, and you can do other things with your time.”

Reuben Driedger 

I love that — “limitation creates acceleration.” When you give yourself a time limit, you’ll be way more productive during that time and also increase your creativity. This really is the opposite of laziness. Even though you’re not working 12 hours a day, you’re working smarter and accomplishing that much (or more) in just six hours. In order to do this, though, you gotta let go the busy work and start working on tasks that actually matter.

What to Do BEFORE You Start Building a Social Media Presence 

So, speaking about busy work, a lot of you may be thinking, “I spend the majority of my busy work on trying to craft a social media presence.” I know that I’ve personally had this limiting belief that social media is just sucking all my time away. But we all know it’s an important tool, so how do we use it as an actual revenue generator rather than a busy work trap? 

Reuben is a social media expert, and he gave some amazing tips about crafting an authentic social media presence that will attract clients and abundance. But before we do that, he gave us three important steps that will set us up for social media success.

#1. Get clear on your goals

“So the first thing you need to understand [is] … where do you want to be? … Whether you’re a network marketer or an online entrepreneur, where do you want to be in 90 days? … So you now have a weekly target of what you want to hit as far as an outcome. … Now you want to understand what [activity] on social media … will create the outcome. [For our clients,] we have a weekly metrics tracker because we want to understand what you do exactly every single week to create the results you want.”

Reuben Driedger 

The first step doesn’t even really involve social media — just get clear on what outcome you’re trying to achieve. After you do that, you are way more equipped to find the social media strategy that works best for you and your goals. Understand your numbers, what courses or webinars bring you the most success, and go from there.

#2. Decide what platform is right for you. 

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one social media platform, but there’s going to be one or two that really work with your message, your flow, and your business. The question is, how do we know which one? 

Ask yourself, “Where did I get my last couple clients? Where have I seen the most activity? What platform works well with my message?”

Most people don’t realize that usually the path to get more is already in front of you. You just are focusing on so many things … Know where your clients and business builders are actually coming from. … [For] some people it’s LinkedIn, lots are from Instagram, lots are from Facebook, but you want to figure out what platform you want to use and [whether] it will be helpful with where you want to go.”

Reuben Driedger 

Once you’re clear on what the data is showing, you can choose which social media platform to focus on and promote your business to its fullest potential.

#3. Find your niche. 

Do I post every day of the week? Is it enough just to post once a week? How many times should I go live? These are all questions I’ve asked myself, and I’m sure you have to. It’s easy to see someone else succeeding on social media and want to use their plan, but Reuben says this isn’t the best strategy. There is not one cookie-cutter social media strategy for everyone. It really comes down to finding your niche: 

“You do want to get somewhat niched down. … You’re just solving a really big problem in someone’s life, and you’re helping them get to the next level of where they want to get in life.”

Reuben Driedger 

What’s your niche? Are you helping women lose weight? Do you help people cultivate healthy relationships? What problem are you solving? Once you really get clear on that, you’re ready to start building your social media presence. 

Why Successful Social Media Is Really About Connectivity and Authenticity

Now the question becomes, “How do I create that presence?” Reuben had some amazing tips about this, but my favorite one has to do with human-to-human interaction.

“You want to really treat … social media [as] human to human interaction. … The main way to start standing out is to be niche and then just actually care more than anybody else. … [Your clients] are buying into a company, but they’re buying into you first. … Be super intentional about providing value to someone’s life. And when you do that again, you stand out above and beyond what someone else could do.”

Reuben Driedger 

Amen to that. Reuben is speaking my language. As a former network marketer, this was my goal when I’d reach out to clients. When I see copy and pasted messages from network marketers, it really pains my heart. So how do you build authentic relationships over social media with a cold-market as a network marketer? This subject is acutally one of Reuben’s favorite topics to talk about.

“You can call it the client journey of the value chain funnel. … People don’t understand [that] to get a client, they first need to come into your audience. The second thing is they need to get warmed up, [and] they become what we call a qualified lead. Then they need to [become] a hot lead, which is a very well nurtured lead … and then we sell to them.”

Reuben Driedger 

The first step in this process is understanding your target audience and how you can serve them. Don’t send mass messages to every single person you come across. Really take the time to consider who you’re trying to help and how you can connect with them. Take a close look at their profiles and read the content they’re promoting. When you reach out to them, encourage them about their message and how it spoke to you. 

Now for all your content creators out there, how do you engage your audience on social media with an attitude of service and authenticity? How do you attract more clients? It’s all about being real with your audience while also giving them value.

“They need to get to know you [to] trust you. … There [are] different ways to what we called a ‘long-term nurture.’ Facebook groups are an excellent way to do that. If you’re on Instagram, just your Instagram feed and stories could do it. … The way we actually set it up is [that] we always give to our clients.”

Reuben Driedger 

I love this so much. Creating an effective social media presence is all about authenticity and value. It’s about giving to your clients, and as you do, be the real you. It’s important to understand that this is not a short-term fix — it’s a long-term process. In order to make this work, Reuben says that you have to be committed and most of all, you have to care. 

Be Boldly Courageous with Reuben Driedger 

I love the way Reuben thinks. He’s a heart-centered entrepreneur who’s both strategy-driven and service-oriented. He’s helped tons of entrepreneurs and network marketers convert followers into customers, achieve financial freedom, and make an impact on the world. 

If you want to hear more from Reuben, I highly suggest checking out his Facebook group, Online Coaches Uprising. In this group, you can get dozens of free workshop trainings and resources to help you sign your next clients in the most heart-centered and business savvy ways. I know I’m joining for sure!

I am so grateful to Reuben for sharing his genius with us, and I hope you can start applying this wisdom to your online business or network marketing career. If this episode impacted you, it would mean so much if you could share it with someone and tag Reuben, @reubendriedger, and me, @themelissamartin, with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways. 

You all mean so much to me. Thank you for joining me on this journey to be boldly courageous.

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