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Defeat Comparison and Show Up With Strength in the Gym, Life, and Business with Nadia Kashouh

Hey beautiful! Welcome back! I’m glad you’re here. Boldly Courageous is a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

My dear friend, Nadia Kashouh, is joining me for today’s podcast episode. We met through my network marketing company. And the moment I connected with her I was struck by her boldness and brightness. I knew that this woman was destined for greatness. She is truly one of the most inspiring and motivating women I know. I don’t even have enough adjectives to describe her inner beauty and strength. 

Today, Nadia and I talk about how the mindset you have toward fitness impacts the workouts you do and the results you experience both mentally and physically. She also explains a different type of strength that she defines with her lifestyle and the newest project. When it comes to teaching women all about confidence, movement, fitness, and loving their body, Nadia’s perspective is priceless and timeless. She knows what it’s like to work out from a place of hating your body and personally take the journey of learning to work out from a place of love for your body.

So get cozy and ready to transform the way you think about working out and looking at yourself in the mirror!

Who Is Nadia Kashouh?

Nadia Kashouh is the creator and founder of The Kash Method, a brand that marries the mind-muscle connection, like never before. Nadia’s mission in life is best summed up by her tagline, A different kind of strong. Nadia found faith through fitness, and through fitness, she was able to find the faith that she needed in herself. She has coached thousands of women through personal training in a gym and, more recently, online (#thankscovid). She has sold out multiple programs over the last six years and helped clients lose over 2000 pounds; collectively, they’ve lost countless inches and gained a ton of confidence. 

Through her fitness career, Nadia completely reshaped the way she thought about movement and asthetics from a place of insecurity to strength, creativity, joy, and love. Now she lays out the path for women to experience this same transformation in their life. Nadia dreams of a world where women don’t just work out to look better but work out because they love themselves and are committed to creating unshakeable confidence that doesn’t rely on their appearance. 

With everything she does, Nadia is revolutionizing the way women across the world think about fitness and is helping them understand what it means to have a mind-muscle connection. 

All that to say, I’m so excited for you to hear this episode. If you’re ready to ditch insecurity, stop comparing yourself to every other girl on Instagram, and walk into the gym excited that you get to care for your body, this content will guide you to living a free and confident life. Let’s dive in!

Defeat Comparison and Show Up with Strength by Serving Yourself and Others

If you want to press into your gifts or shift your energy to a more positive place, one of the best questions you can ask is, “How can I still be of service?” Because this question reveals a belief that you have something to offer others and gives you permission to walk into creativity so that you can serve others. Nadia also believes that it’s important to ask ourselves, “How can I serve myself,” because it’s from that place we often find the way we’re supposed to serve others.

“If we’re not serving ourselves – if we’re not making sure that our cup is full – then we’re serving from a place of lack, and we’re going to get burnt out quick. Right? So what encouraged me to pivot and [take my business] virtual was when I found myself in a negative space. I found myself used to lifting heavy. And I found that I was really attached to that. So it was time to dig in, lean in and say, ‘Hold on, Nadia. You know movement is so much more than the actual place. Movement is honoring your body and finding a way, regardless of what’s in front of you. … So, I switched those lenses, and I looked at how I could serve myself. [That’s when] movement at home became so much more fluid and less forceful. It was a huge breakthrough for me.”

Nadia Kashouh

What I love about this question is that it shifts the focus off yourself and how things aren’t going the way you think they should and puts your attention on what’s good and what good you can create right where you are. When Nadia discovered that the best way for her to serve was to come up with creative ideas to workout at home, she realized that her challenge was a common challenge for other women. By facing the darkness in herself and choosing to find a way to serve, she found a way to help herself and serve other women in a big way. That question became the launching pad for her new program The Kash Method. 

“It’s just like you’re in a classroom, and you raise your hand to ask a question. [As soon as you ask it] five other people are like, ‘I had that same question!’ So, I knew that within serving myself, there was someone who needed my voice. There was someone who needed my messaging. There was someone who needed my mess to help them see, ‘You know what? It’s not that bad. You know what? I can do this.’ [So I did] the homework [and figured out what] I needed to do to sustain this program.”

Nadia Kashouh

If you’re feeling stagnant or defeated in any area of life, I want to encourage you not to view it as a bad place, but as a place for new perspective and growth. Like Nadia, your mess has the potential to become the message that sets someone free and guides them to their best life.

Defeat Comparison and Show Up with Strength by Owning Who You Are

Have you ever gone to do a specific exercise in the gym or launch a course online and stopped short because you realized you were doing it completely different from everyone else? You have a sinking feeling. You might start again half-heartedly. You might even bail altogether. Nadia and I have experienced this, too. Here’s how Nadia flips this script of insecurity to a script of empowerment:

“If you ask me to show up as Beyonce, I’m going to fail you every single time. But if you ask me to show up as Nadia, I’m gonna knock it out of the park every single time. And so we have to own that, right? No one is us. That is our superpower. That is our uniqueness. And it goes the same for movement. If I can allow those inspirations to be just that and say, ‘You know what, if she can do it, then I can do it.’ So I can allow that expression of my body to be just that — its own excellence.”

Nadia Kashouh

When you start something new, whether it’s a new business, joining a network marketing company, deciding to make your health and wellness a priority, whatever it is, there are always challenges, roadblocks, and bumps in the road. Comparison will show up every time you try something new. That’s human nature, and it never goes away. You’re always going to be a beginner at something. The next time those insecure comparison-fueled thoughts pop up, here’s what Nadia says you should do:

“When we’re starting something new, we have to focus on where we are at, what we have, and what we can do. When you look at it from that lens, there’s always something within those three perspectives that is positive, and that you can act on. Yes. You have the big picture. Yes. You have the big vision. But sometimes that’s extremely scary. So get in the room and focus on just taking that next step, allowing your gifts to make room for you and allowing the path to reveal itself. [It’s about] being comfortable in the unknown.”

Nadia Kashouh

Here is what I want you to hear from all of this: You have value because you are different from any woman, business owner, or fitness competitor that you look up to. Your different way of doing things is your gift. Hold on to it. Focus on it. And take the next step. It’s okay not to know how everything is going to play out and have no promises of a multi-dollar business as a result of using your gift. Show up anyway. Someone needs what you have in the specific way you offer it.

Defeat Comparison and Show Up With Strength by Building a Support System

Getting around like-minded people is crucial when it comes to overcoming doubt, showing up with strength, and cultivating the gift you were given to share with the world. Nadia is being very international to build a support system as she steps in the next iteration of her brand and business in two ways:

“As I’m stepping into the next level of my business and growing my brands, I’m intentionally surrounded by people that are going to speak life into [what I’m doing]. They don’t have to see my vision because it’s my responsibility to birth it. But they see the picture because they’re not in the frame like I am. And so they can remind me of the gifts and the talents that are my responsibility to cause it to manifest.”

Nadia Kashouh

Remember how we talked about comparison being something that will always be with us? Discouragement is like that, too. It’s part of life, and we experience it as we press into our fullest self. Having people who believe in you and can breathe life into your vision when you get discouraged can be the reason you win or lose. 

You also need to be sensitive to anyone who might be bringing in negative energy. Nadia calls this protecting your “baby.” Whether it’s a business baby, a new-skill baby, or a financial-goal baby, if you share talk about it with someone and they drag you down, you might need to create some space from them or at the very least stop telling them about your “baby.”

“Be intentional to protect your baby – protect your business. Meaning, if you find yourself in a negative atmosphere, maybe you’re around people that you see just constantly kind of bringing your levels down. Maybe that’s not the group that you want to share what you’re going to do or what you have burning inside your heart because chances are, if they’re constantly seeing things from a negative perspective, they’re going to speak negativity over that too.”

Nadia Kashouh

The people you’re with have a significant impact on the direction your life and gifts take. Build a support system around you to breathe life into the things burning on your heart and be intentional about who you share those things with.

Be Boldly Courageous with Nadia Kashouh

Do you know what gives women permission to step forward into their unique greatness despite imperfection and the fear of what others might think? Other women who are doing just that. So I couldn’t have been more thrilled by Nadia’s answer when I asked her what she is celebrating right now.

“I’m celebrating showing up. I’ve committed to myself regardless of what it looks like on a daily basis. I’ve committed to move forward and show up imperfect every single day. Excellence is not something that just happens. It’s small habits that we do on a day in and day out basis. … We can have the pain of progress, or we can have the pain of regret. Regardless of what road we choose, there’s going to be trials, and there’s going to be wins. So right now, I’m celebrating moving forward, and being unapologetic about the excellence that I’m clothed in.”

Nadia Kashouh

As we wrap up, I just want to acknowledge Nadia, thank her for fearlessly and boldly living in her truth, and being an example of what it looks like to develop that different type of strong. If you loved this content, please share it, tag Nadia (@nadkash) and myself (@themlissamartin) and let us know what you liked. Let’s tell all our friends on social media about Nadia and the work she is doing so that they can live free of comparison, too.

Make sure to follow Nadia on Instagram (@nadkash) and Facebook so that you can soak up the authentic motivation she’s sharing and so that you can be one of the first to know when The Kash Method is released into the world! 

Thanks for joining me for today’s episode, babe! Go out there and live your boldly courageous life! 

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