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Hey babe! I’m glad you’re here today! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

In my coaching business, I have the privilege of working with many high-level network marketers, which truly puts me in my zone of genius because I wouldn’t be the business owner I am today without my experience in network marketing! When I was let go from my corporate job in 2012, network marketing was like entrepreneurship on training wheels for me. So, I’ll always, always, always, have a soft spot in my heart for women who just want more out of life and see that opportunity presented to them via network marketing. Although I’m not currently building in the industry, I love coaching and supporting women in this space! 

So, I’m dedicating this episode to breaking down the five things you need to do if you want to be a successful network marketer. Whether you’re tired of signing team members who quit in less than thirty days, are trying to find a magic formula for duplication on your team, or wish someone would tell you what to work on to make money, this episode will help you get there.

NOTE: Because I work with a lot of high-level network marketers, this content is written as though I’m talking to someone who is actively recruiting and trying to get leaders on their team to duplicate what they’re doing. 

However, this is relevant information for someone who is just starting in network marketing because your goal is to become the person a high-level marketer would want to recruit. I have also included specific action steps for you if you’re just starting and are serious about success so that you can effectively apply this information. Let’s get started! 

Take Ownership of Your Network Marketing Business by Recruiting Intentionally

When you get to a place where you’re earning multiple six figures a year in network marketing, there comes an energetic shift related to recruiting. You start to recognize that you don’t necessarily have the time to coach everybody. Gradually, you realize that if you want to continue to grow, you’ve got to get laser-focused on the people who have the greatest amount of potential — the people who are putting money where their mouth is, who are coachable, and who are taking action.

The quit rate in network marketing is super high. It’s your job, as a leader, to know exactly what makes someone successful in this industry, what a new recruit’s skillset is, what it takes to set them up for success, and what may set them up for failure. The earlier you’re able to identify the individuals who are here to win, the less time you’ll invest in people who are here today and gone tomorrow. 

The kind of person you’re looking to recruit has, what I call, a Master’s Degree in Success. A Master’s Degree in Success includes four things:

  1. A specific skill set
  2. A big network
  3. A unique identity
  4. A long term vision + willingness to work

As a leader and recruiter, you need to understand which of these attributes each person you’re bringing on to your team has so that you can help them apply their skills to achieve success in network marketing.

As someone new to network marketing, it’s essential to know which attributes you already have so that you can leverage them to the best of your ability and which parts you don’t have so that you can begin building them. 

Take Ownership of Your Network Marketing Business by Developing Specific Skills

The first characteristic of a person with a Master’s Degree in Success is that they have a specific skill set. In other words, they are previously trained in sales, marketing, or public speaking. They are a charismatic, competent, outgoing individual whose success and expertise lends them credibility in network marketing.

For example, when I joined network marketing back in 2012, I had over fifteen years of experience selling in the financial service industry. I had been professionally trained in public speaking. And, I had zero problems selling to anyone. In college, I worked for a marketing company where I used to set up stands at Walmart and sell razors and toothbrushes. A job like that teaches you how to ask great questions, be charismatic, and to have conversations with strangers. 

When someone comes into network marketing with those kinds of skills, it’s going to be very easy for you to train them and watch them experience success. Why? Because they already know how to strike up a conversation with a stranger, build rapport, and create interest in a product. You won’t have to teach them that. All you will have to do is teach them about the product and business system. Before you know it, they will be off making money and building a team. 

If you don’t feel like you have a specific skill set, attend a local toastmasters chapter to develop your public speaking skills, or hire a coach to teach you the art of selling. Also, consider what skills you might currently have that you’re not leveraging. Are you good at hosting events? Then brainstorm ways you can use events for network marketing. Are you good at connecting different people? Then reach out to the individuals you already know and ask them if they’re looking to connect with anyone specific and dig through your network on their behalf!

Take Ownership of Your Network Marketing Business by Cultivating a Big Network

The second characteristic of a person with a Master’s Degree in Success is that they have a big network. Think of people who own a gym, salon, or business. Maybe even someone who was in a sorority, played sports in college, or volunteered on a board and was super involved in their community. These are all people with large networks.

This is valuable in network marketing because it gives new recruits a lot of people to have conversations with. After all, it is called network marketing —meaning that you are going to market your product by using your network, much like word-of-mouth-marketing. The more people your recruits know, the more opportunity they will have for conversations that could lead to a sale.

If you don’t have a big network, start thinking outside of the box. Get involved with a local organization, start taking group fitness classes, or host collaborative events that involve different business owners or influencers so that you can combine and mingle audiences. 

Take Ownership of Your Network Marketing Business by Building an Identity

The third pillar of success when it comes to having a Master’s Degree in Success is being known for something. In other words, you have an identity, niche that you’re known in, or a specific reputation. Being known for something gives you instant rapport, especially when you’re representing a product related to what you’re known for. It also often means that you have a network or group of people that already know who you are. 

For example, when I joined my network marketing company, I was able to succeed quickly because I had previously been in the fitness industry. I worked in a gym, I was a professional fitness competitor, and I had an amazing transformation story. When people thought of me, they already associated me with fitness and health and wellness. So when I joined a health and wellness company, my reputation and network allowed me to have a high level of success in a very short time. 

If you’ve just recruited someone who has a specific identity, help them know how to talk about their product on social media in a way that feels authentic to them. Help them craft an outline of what they might tell someone about the product and how it relates to their story whenever they run into someone at a grocery store and catch up with a friend over coffee.

If you don’t have a reputation for anything specific, don’t be discouraged! Chances are you are already associated with a particular thing in people’s minds that you can build upon. When a friend introduces you to someone new, what’s a common thing about you that they tell the other person? Ask a few friends how they would describe you to someone else or what job posting might make them think of you. 

If you get multiple answers, pick one and go all in. Talk about that specific topic on social media or get involved in related groups in your community. This builds your reputation around one thing so that when people think of it — whether it’s fitness, being a mom, or baking fancy desserts — they’ll think of you! 

Take Ownership of Your Network Marketing Business by Having a Long Term Vision + Willingness to Work

Have I seen people come into network marketing with no skill sets, no network, and no specific reputation achieve massive success? Yes, of course. Have I seen people come in with all three things I previously mentioned and not succeed at all? Yes, absolutely. The deciding factor between someone who makes it big in network marketing and someone who quits isn’t necessarily any of the things I previously listed — it’s their commitment to do the work and a long term vision that gets them through the tough days. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a successful network marketing business! This is something that is meant to be built slowly, over time. It’s not a get-rich-quick business, and if anyone ever tells you that, run the other way! Building a successful network marketing business takes work. It takes a lot of late nights, phone calls, and talking to strangers. It takes listening to many podcasts, following your coach’s instructions, and not giving up even when it feels really hard.

If you’re a recruiter, you want to know what new or hard things the person you’re talking with has attempted recently. Did they have a coach? Did they do what their coach told them to? Are they self-teachers who are intrinsically motivated? Did they stick with it until they had reached their goal? When they tell you why they want to be part of your business, can you feel their passion and motivation?

If you’re just getting into network marketing, get clear on why you want to build this business, commit to being coachable, and schedule 5-10 hours a week to work on your business and implement what your coach instructions.

Why You Need to Listen to this Episode Right Now

As you take ownership of your life and business, amazing things will happen. You’ll start showing up more confidently. You’ll start attracting the right people and recruiting them more easily. Then, you’ll be able to duplicate all that with your team. Finally, you’ll be able to build a business that will serve you for life. And ultimately, this will lead to you feeling so much more confident and empowered in your ability to be an entrepreneur who walks in freedom and has a positive impact on the lives of those around her! 

I truly believe that network marketing is entrepreneurship with training wheels, and if you can nail it here in network marketing, you can nail it in any business that you decide to launch. 

Honestly, all the tips I just shared with you aren’t exclusive to network marketing. If you want to be a blogger, own your own business, or land that speaking gig, taking ownership of your success with these skills will help you. Success in any area isn’t a one and done deal. Success requires a mindset of growth that is always looking to learn.

Thanks for joining me for today’s episode, babe! Go out there and live your boldly courageous life! 

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