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What’s up, babe?! Welcome back to the Boldly Courageous podcast! This is a podcast created for YOU — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

How are you today, beautiful? I am so honored and grateful that you would choose to spend some of your valuable time with me! Today, I’m bringing you a message that I think is so important!

I want to talk to you about the practice and art of receiving. I believe that to live a life of abundance, it is absolutely essential to open our hearts and our energy fields to receive that abundance. If we want to manifest money, clients, friendships, love, or anything else our souls may be desiring, we must prepare ourselves to fully receive those things!

But sometimes, opening ourselves up to receiving those things can be difficult. We attach feelings of guilt or judgment to the idea of receiving good things into our lives. We tell ourselves that by receiving success and acclaim and abundance, we’re diminishing someone else’s ability to receive the same things.

But ladies, I am here today to tell you that you do not need to feel any guilt about receiving the good things that come to you! That’s why today, I want to share some of the things I’ve noticed that have been instrumental in helping me develop my own ability to receive. I hope this episode inspires you and helps you to open your heart to receive all the abundance you deserve! Let’s dive in!

What Can You Start Doing Right Now?

The first thing you can do right now to begin opening your heart to receiving is to ask yourself, “What small things can I start doing right now to get in the habit of receiving?”

It’s all about having awareness. You need to develop an awareness of your thoughts and beliefs about receiving before you do anything else! If you’re not open to receiving — why not? In what areas of your life are you fully receiving abundance? In what areas are you blocking abundance?

Let me give you an example. Think about receiving compliments. It is often so difficult for women to receive compliments, right? If someone says to you, “Oh my gosh, I love your dress,” what’s the first thing you do? You probably immediately devalue what they’re saying, right? You might say, “Oh man, I got this thing from Target! It was only like $10.”

The problem with that response is that you are literally blocking someone else’s kindness. You self-sabotage simply by not allowing yourself to receive the kindness and abundance that someone tried to share with you.

And that hurts the other person too. When someone offers you a compliment, they’re probably doing so out of a place of genuine love and kindness — they just wanted to acknowledge you for something good and give their kindness to you! So when you devalue someone’s compliment, you cut off their ability to give kindness as well as your ability to receive it. 

But now, because we’ve talked through this particular example, you’ve built awareness around your tendency to devalue compliments, and you have the opportunity to grow! Next time someone says, “Hey, your outfit is really beautiful!” or, “I really appreciate you for the hard work you’re doing,” you can say, “Thank you! I fully receive that, and I appreciate your kindness!”

Let me ask you again: In what areas of your life are you blocking abundance? It can go beyond just compliments! Are you blocking more clients coming into your life because you have negative expectations? Are you blocking the love and friendships you desire? 

Take some time to sit down with your journal and write down all the ways you might be blocking abundance coming into your life. Remember — life is about small course corrections. You’re always on a journey, and sometimes you get a little off-track — that’s okay! You just need to build awareness and use it to correct your course. By building awareness around your mindset toward receiving, you can correct your course and open yourself up to abundance.

Shift Your Perspective About Money

Another essential thing we all need to build awareness around is our attitudes about receiving money. You ladies know I am the abundance queen, and I am all about being unapologetic about receiving money, but it can be challenging! How are we supposed to receive money into our lives?

Here is a key idea I want to share with you about a healthy money mindset: If your vibration around receiving a penny isn’t the same as your vibration around receiving a hundred dollars, you are placing a judgment and a value system on abundance.

But here’s the thing: abundance is abundance. Any money that flows into your life is a gift, and you need to be prepared to receive it with honesty and joy. Don’t self-sabotage by placing a value system on money and deciding that a penny doesn’t matter while a hundred dollars does! Be ready to receive whatever amount of money flows to you with excitement!

I used to struggle with this mindset myself. If I saw a penny lying on the ground, I just walked right by and didn’t give it a second thought. But now, anytime I see a penny, I pick it up! I say, “Thank you. I fully received that,” and I commit to being grateful for the money that just came into my life.

How do you receive money into your life? When your network marketing business brings in $50 this week, how will you respond? Will you be disappointed that you only made $50? Or will you be excited? Hey, that $50 is $50 more than you had last week, and it’s a form of abundance. Commit to being excited about the financial abundance that comes to you!

Here’s the other important thing about this subject: If the money coming to you is not in alignment with the energy you’re putting out into the world, your energy perspective must shift. I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and almost dread payday because you know that the money is going right back out as soon as it comes in. But if you’re feeling that kind of stress around money, that just means you are not having an energy of gratitude.

It is so important to practice gratitude for the money you receive! However much money you are making, make sure you’re expressing gratitude for the abundance that has come into your life.

I’ve had to do a lot of work around this in my life, but it is so worth it! Today, my energy is much more aligned with the money I’m receiving in my life. I don’t feel stress about receiving my paychecks anymore because I choose to receive that abundance with joy and excitement.

You can do that too! As you’re thinking and journaling about your mindset concerning receiving, think about the way you receive money. Are you receiving the financial abundance that comes to you?

Be Open to Receiving in Romantic Relationships

I know many of you out there reading this post are boss babes who are taking charge and stepping into your power as entrepreneurs. And that is awesome! I am so proud of you ladies, and I’m joining with you in your excitement over the amazing progress you’re making in your lives and businesses!

But let’s talk about how this works from the standpoint of the divine masculine and feminine. Sometimes when we as women are shifting into owning our gifts and stepping into our power, that can create an imbalance with how we give and receive, especially in relationships.

Often, it’s easy for women to over-do. We over-give and try to do everything — whether that means cooking and cleaning or going grocery shopping or taking care of the kids. I think that’s natural to who we are, and it’s really beautiful!

But sometimes, we as women can start to think that we must take responsibility for all those things in every situation. We feel guilt or like we’re becoming a burden if we accept help from our partners. But that’s just not the case! We aren’t meant to over-give and over-do all the time — we’re meant to receive as well. I mean, think about it from an anatomical perspective. Women are literally built to receive, and men are built to give.

So even though it can be challenging for you boss babes to receive love and support from your partners, it’s essential to be open to receiving in our romantic relationships! If you notice that your partner is trying to give you something — whether by taking out the garbage or doing the dishes or anything else — make sure you receive those gifts! 

Get Into a Vibration of Receiving

So, bottom line, how can we be in a place of receiving abundance? How can you get onto a vibration of receiving? 

First of all, I want you to know that being open to support is a really powerful vibration, and it takes intentional, spiritual growth to reach that point. Meditation and journaling are key practices that will help get you vibrating on that level. By spending quiet time with your thoughts, journaling your desires, and calling them into your life, you open yourself up to receive abundance.

A lot of the work I have done around this revolves around opening up my heart chakra. When I meditate, I visualize a beautiful golden light coming out of my heart, and I see myself expanding. I roll my shoulders back, and I repeat some mantras to myself: “I am open to receiving love. I am open to receiving female friendships that align with me,” and other things like that. 

By visualizing myself being open to abundance and verbalizing my willingness and desire to open my heart to receive, I elevate my vibration energetically and become ready for good things to flow into my life.

So much of this process is about anchoring that feeling of openness into your body. When I meditate, I ask myself, “What would it feel like physically to be open to receive?” That’s why I roll my shoulders back and assume a posture of openness. Opening myself up to physically receive abundance helps me prepare to receive it energetically, keeping my vibration high and my energy aligned.

Get Ready to Receive the Abundance That Is Coming to You!

Thank you so much for joining me on this episode today, babe! I am so grateful for each and every one of you for joining me on this journey, and I sincerely hope you learned something from this episode!

Remember — life is about small course corrections. If you build awareness on your mindset toward receiving abundance and find that you need to shift your perspective, that is okay! Find ways to open yourself up to receiving, and get ready for abundance to flow naturally to you.

If you loved this episode as much as I did, please consider sharing it! Screenshot the episode and post it to Instagram and tag me, @themelissamartin. I’d love to hear what you learned!

Thank you again for joining me today! Now get out there and live your boldly courageous life!

I’ll talk to you soon!

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