Quitting a Secure Job to Follow Your Dreams with Daniella Inzerilli

Hello love! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

I want to start off with this simple question: Are you investing in yourself? 

Investing in yourself could mean a lot of things — it could mean having self-care rituals, giving your body the nutrition you need, or working in a career that aligns with your values and passions. 

Today, we’re going to talk specifically about that last example: Is your current job your dream job? And if not, are you staying in that job because it’s safe? Maybe you have something else in mind for your career, like starting your own coaching program, but pivoting from your corporate career seems impossible.

If this sounds like you, you’re going to want to keep reading. Today, I have a very special guest on the show to share what it looks like to pivot from a secure job to follow her dreams instead. Daniella Inzerilli is one of my former clients, and now she’s a business owner of her coaching program Thrive and also hosts her own podcast!

In this interview, Daniella and I had such a great discussion that I think many of you will relate to! We talk all about serving from a place of true alignment and what it looks like to say “no” to things that don’t align with your vision, even when you’re saying “no” to money. We also dove into the process of Daniella quitting her safe full-time job and becoming a business owner. And lastly, we talked about the relaunch of her podcast, Yes, You Can, and the exciting ways you can connect with her! So without further ado, let’s get started, babe!

Who Is Daniella Inzerilli? 

Daniella Inzerilli is used to playing it safe. As the youngest of three, she spent her childhood looking up to her older sisters as they followed the “right” path through college and into careers. But within a few months of working at her first office job after graduating, Daniella knew the corporate life was not for her. Even though she didn’t think she was financially ready, she took the leap to hire a business coach — me! — and take her first steps into the world of entrepreneurship.

Today, Daniella is running an incredibly successful business and living life with a true sense of purpose. She’s a mindset and social media coach who specializes in educating and empowering female entrepreneurs to master their mindset and authentically engage with their community by telling their stories. Daniella teaches online entrepreneurs how to understand their subconscious mind, identify and reprogram their limiting beliefs, and make an impact on social media. 

Currently, Daniella is focusing hard on her one-on-one coaching program, Thrive, and her incredible podcast, Yes, You Can. In this podcast, Daniella pulls back the curtain on navigating your twenties, building a business that excites you, and making an impact online. 

I was recently up in Saratoga Springs, New York, and Danielle came to visit me! We started catching up on so much — business, relationships, personal growth — and it was such a juicy conversation that we decided to sit down and record a podcast episode! Daniella is inspiring women everywhere to dream bigger and create lives of true abundance and joy, and I know she’ll have an impact on you too!

The Importance of Saying “NO”

What I love most about Daniella is that she’s honest and committed to self-reflection. She takes full accountability for her growth and leadership, and she’s not afraid to do the scary shit — like quit a secure job to follow her dreams. From the time that she hired me as her business coach to now, Daniella has stepped into her truth and is living a life that is aligned with who she is. 

Part of Daniella’s boldly courageous journey has been learning how to say “no” to things that aren’t aligned with her passions. 

“[I’ve] been really saying ‘no’ to maybe taking on jobs that I’m not 110% aligned with anymore — even in moments of feeling like, ‘hey, this would be good money.’ Or, ‘maybe I should just do it one more time because I could really use this to pay for that.’ Or, ‘this is a friend,’ or, ‘this is somebody that I feel bad saying “no” to.’ … And that’s something I’ve always struggled with. So I feel like, for me, that would probably be the biggest thing in my life, and my business as well, that I’m trying to be really courageous about.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

I know that I, for one, relate extremely well to this struggle. Saying “no” can be really difficult, especially if it’s to someone that you care about. Other times, it’s the financial appeal that keeps us saying “yes” even when our hearts say “no.” We all struggle with a scarcity mindset from time to time, and we feel like if we say “no” to a business opportunity, we are letting go of money we’ll never get back.

Do you relate to this, babe? I went through a similar experience in the beginning of 2020, thinking that maybe I should just get a real job. I was in a place of scarcity and was worried about how I would pay my bills. I went searching on Indeed.com for jobs, and my soul was like, “Are you kidding me? We will die if you take that job.” When you’re faced with decisions like these, you have to choose either a scarcity mindset or alignment. For a while, Daniella chose scarcity over alignment, and it started to take its toll. 

“I would get to a point where I would just feel like this isn’t fun anymore. This isn’t even worth the money because I feel so much resistance and so much heavy energy around it. … And for me, that was a really pivotal moment [of] me having to tune in and kind of push my fear around money and this idea of scarcity to the side and [say], ‘Nope, something better is coming.'”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Sometimes, you have to step into uncertainty first in order to receive abundance. You may have to turn down a couple of jobs before you find the one that really aligns with you. And you may have to say “no” to a business opportunity even if it means more money for you. Why? Because your soul matters so much more than a dollar amount. When you say “yes” to things you should say “no” to, you’re putting yourself in a low vibration.

Babe, I know it’s hard to say “no” sometimes, but you can do it. Daniella started doing it, and now she’s learning how to trust herself and stay in alignment with her gifts. 

Invest in Yourself and Your Business 

To continue our discussion about money mindset and alignment, I asked Daniella why investing money in yourself is so important. Some people may say that investing in a one-on-one coach is crazy, especially after leaving a corporate job and not having a steady income, but Daniella did it anyway.

“I can tell you hands down [that] investing in a coach specifically was the best thing I did for my business because it allowed so much growth. And there [were] things that we could talk about that I couldn’t go to friends and family because they just didn’t understand. I really needed a third [person] to bounce these ideas off of and work on myself.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Babe, I’m a huge fan of investing in yourself. We invest money in so many different things — food, housing, clothes, etc. — but sometimes we forget to invest in our own personal growth. Our personal growth literally affects every area of our lives, so doesn’t it make sense to invest in that? 

In addition to investing in herself, Daniella also learned that it was necessary to invest in her business as well:

“I definitely think I invest more money in my business than I even do on my clothes and my accessories. … It’s such a passion for me, and [I’m] reframing my mindset to say like, ‘This is what I’m getting out of it. This is what’s going to come from this.’ And honestly, like my dad always said, ‘When your back’s against the wall, you’re going to figure it out. You’re going to do it. You have to.’ And that’s held true 100%.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

When I began coaching Daniella, I advised her to start her own podcast to get her mission out there. At that time, Daniella was still building her coaching business and didn’t have a lot of money coming in, so creating a podcast was an investment. It also wouldn’t bring money in right away, either. But it was a long term investment, one that would build her authority and attract more clients to her program. 

Babe, if you’re a business owner or looking to become one, understand that investing in yourself and your business is key. You probably won’t make money right away, and that’s okay. You’ll spend way more money on your business than what you’re bringing in, but that’s all an investment that will bring back abundance. For now, focus on making your impact: 

“By investing in my business and by nurturing my business and really seeing the long term goal and the plan for my business and myself, I’m able to make a massive impact and reach way more people than if I just wanted to help the girl who lived in the dorm next to me.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Through her coaching business, Daniella is making a huge impact on the lives of women entrepreneurs. The process begins with first understanding your mission and your passion — why are you starting this company, and who are you hoping to impact?  

Quitting Her Secure Job to Follow Her Dreams

Maybe you’re vibing with all of this, but you find yourself in a career that’s misaligned with your passion. Daniella found herself in the exact same position. She went to college and did all the things that were expected of her — study abroad, internship, clubs, resume building, etc. — and got a job right out of college. 

“I was like, ‘Okay, cool. I’m in an office setting. I can wear work clothes. This is it. This is what I spent those four years trying to get to.’ And then like six or seven months [later], I was like, ‘Oh no. This cannot be it. I’m not excited anymore. There was supposed to be so much more oomph in this for me.'”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Daniella loved her coworkers, she loved the pay, and she loved the company itself, but she didn’t feel fulfilled. Slowly, she began to give herself the permission to say, “This isn’t what I want to do.” 

“Everything that I coach my clients on is really giving yourself that permission to explore new ideas, explore a new lifestyle and what that looks like for you to dream even bigger and not play it so small and safe.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Babe, is this something you need to do? Maybe you’re in a career now that you used to have a passion for, but now it’s diminished — that’s okay! But whatever you do, don’t sit in that place of misalignment. Imagine what your future could be like if you took that boldly courageous step towards your passion? 

Daniella asked her corporate job if she could start working part-time, but this ended up not being an option. She had to make a choice, and just then, they offered her a promotion. 

“That [promotion] is exactly what I needed to push me into investing. And I had more security of like, ‘Okay, I’m having an extra $10,000. I can invest in a coach. I can ride this out.’… To be fully transparent, I thought that promotion was going to help me. It was going to make me feel better and more appreciated. … And I remember being like, ‘I’ll do this for a year, and then I’ll quit.”

Daniella Inzerilli  

Only a couple of months had gone by when Daniella called me in tears, saying that she needed to quit her job now. She had been in the role for eight weeks, and she turned in her notice. Initially, Daniella felt a lot of guilt surrounding that. She knew that other people would kill for that job, and she had just tossed it to the side. But here’s what I reminded her: By leaving that position, she was allowing someone else to step into that role who really wanted it while she was stepping towards a new career where she would impact even more people. 

Babe, this is why it’s so important to anchor into your truth. It’s not always comfortable. The truth is not always convenient. It’s not easy stepping away from security into uncertainty — but when it’s aligned with your passion, it’s so worth it. 

Be Boldly Courageous with Daniella Inzerilli

I want to acknowledge Daniella for the beautiful, authentic soul she is. Her transparency, mission, and kind character are truly inspiring. I know that I got so much out of our conversation, and I hope you did too! 

If you want to hear more from Daniella, definitely check out her podcast, Yes, You Can! If you struggle with self-doubt, this podcast will give you the inspiration you need to take a leap of faith into alignment with yourself! She’s currently relaunching the podcast with new music, storytelling, and brand identity with a mission to show up even more authentically than before! I literally cannot wait to see how it all looks!

You can also find Daniella on her website — check out her one-on-one coaching course Thrive if you’re looking for additional support! 

Babe, I hope this message resonated with you, and if it did, Daniella and I would love to know your thoughts! Just tag Daniella, @daniellainzerilli, and me, @themelissamartin, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways!

I love this community so much, and I’m so grateful for you, babe. Until next time — go out there and live your boldly courageous life!

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