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Living an Anything But Average Life with Lindsey Mango

What’s up, babe?! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m grateful you’re here!

I hope your week is going incredibly and that you’re stepping into your boldly courageous life! Today, we’re going to talk about what it means to embrace your best self, or should I say, “best selves.” Our personalities are so complex and contain more than just one standard version. 

Maybe when it comes to business, you access your masculine energy to be a badass CEO. When you start work, you are absolutely unstoppable, and you tackle each task faster than the one before. When it comes to social media, maybe you tap into your goofiness and pajama-loving self. Both of those personalities are SO different, but they can absolutely belong to the same person. 

That person is Lindsey Mango, and today, you’re going to hear from her about what it means to live your life in alignment with yourself and embrace all the wonderful, unique layers of your personality.

Who Is Lindsey Mango?

Lindsey Mango is a Life Coach & Mindset Expert who is passionate about helping women create the lives they are obsessed with. 5 years after graduating college Lindsey found herself feeling stuck, facing a disappointing truth that she was settling for the life she was “supposed” to live, instead of the life she knew she was meant to live. 

After hiring her own coach to help her fulfill her potential, she knew she was meant to coach other women on how to get out of their own way and create the life they want. Check out Lindsey’s coaching program, Anything But Average, and find out how you too can create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Through building an impactful online website, her business rapidly grew. She just started her 4th year in business, has a podcast with over 130k downloads, and is scaling her business to 1 million dollars of impact and income. It is her life’s mission to be an example of what’s possible and break the mold on what ANY woman is capable of doing in life, business, and everything in between.

I am so excited to drop in with this epic boss babe today. Lindsey Mango is truly one of my favorite people, and one of the things I love most about her is how she shows up on social media. One minute, she’s this complete boss, and the next, she’s posting pictures of herself in her pajamas on Instagram. She has this really serious, hustle side and also this playful, goofy side — both are authentic to her character. I am so excited for her to share her light with you all today. 

Every Failure Is an Opportunity for Growth 

I open up every interview with my signature question: “What is one boldly courageous thing that you’ve done recently.” Lindsey’s answer was honest and so relatable. She recently launched a Mastermind that didn’t play out as she had planned. She had a couple people drop out at the last minute, and she started to doubt herself.

“I had a moment where I was like, is this in alignment? Is this what I want? … And I just realized that to go bigger than ever, I have to be willing to look sillier and stupider than ever and make huge failures … I think it took a lot of courage to have that perspective and continue forward.”

Lindsey Mango 

I think a lot of people would say that is their worst fear when it comes to launching a business or service. You put so much time, effort, and heart into creating an experience for your clients. You also usually invest money, and so that’s another thing on the line. And the fear that your idea, service, or business won’t be accepting is paralyzing. But Lindsey pushed past this fear and moved forward, and I wanted to hear a little more of her process and the tools she used to navigate through that:

“I was having one of those days where [I felt] just like the heaviness of the emotion and just like the frustration and resistance … And I see it as a sign, as an opportunity to reflect on what’s going on because to me, there’s a difference when something comes to an end or isn’t work out and when it doesn’t feel in alignment … I’ve been able to learn how to recognize that feeling and see that as like, okay, this is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Lindsey Mango 

I’m so resonating with all of this. I have adopted this mantra that all of my failures lead to success, and I truly believe that if we didn’t fail at anything ever, we would never be challenged to grow. Without resistance, we can’t build strength, right? 

Babe, when you’re going through periods of feeling like a failure after trying something bold, ask yourself these questions. What am I learning from this? What am I creating space for? If we’re selling something and someone backs out at the last minute, it’s very easy to get into a scarcity mindset of what you’re losing. We sometimes forget that we’re just creating space for something even better to come in and for the right people to join us. 

“[Know] that on the other side, whether it’s a success or a failure, that there’s so much growth in that … So many creative solutions came to the surface as a result of it.” – Lindsey Mango  

Babe, don’t be afraid of failure, because it launches us into growth and creates space for the people and opportunities we actually need in our lives. 

Show Up as Your Highest Self and Dress the Part 

Lindsey probably has the best pajama game of anybody. If you haven’t already, check out her Instagram, where you’ll see the funniest, goofiest, and boss-babe content. Lindsey has a way of showing up authentically every and presenting herself online, and so I wanted to hear about her thought process on this.

“I remember thinking like when I am successful and like making lots of money, I’m going to have amazing pajamas. Like it was just one of those like extra things that it just didn’t make any sense to buy. And I knew once I’ve got like total abundance, I can buy all the cool pajamas I want. It’s hilarious, but [it’s] what I consciously thought … it’s also a part of me showing up as my highest self on a daily basis.”

Lindsey Mango 

There was a time when Lindsey used to roll out of bed with her hair a hot mess, and didn’t super care about her appearance. Then she learned about embracing your highest self and showing up as a badass woman, and she realized: You don’t dress up to impress other people at the job, you dress up for yourself. Now, Lindsey is dressed and prepared for any conversation and to break open her influence.

“Like, I know I can show up in my pajamas and be in my highest self. It’s not the clothes that make the highest self — it’s you … But to me, when I dress my best for myself, I feel confident. I feel good. I feel prepared for anything. And that’s really why I continue to do that today.”

Lindsey Mango 

Babe, it’s a matter of going through your closet and asking yourself, “What’s going to make me feel my highest self today?” And the answer isn’t always going to be the same! Sometimes, it might be a pants suit. Other times, it might be your workout clothes or pajamas. It depends on what part you are going to play that day and what energy you want to tap into. Are you feeling CEO, masculine energy? Are you feeling creative? Are you feeling goofy? 

“So it’s understanding that there are different aspects of your life that require different parts of you, different versions of you. And that’s a really beautiful thing, but it’s also important to be aware of what you need and when you need it.” – Lindsey Mango 

Lindsey gave me so much permission to access different parts of my personality. Babe, we’re not all one way. We’re meant to be multifaceted, and I feel like sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to explore the different aspects of our personality. The truth is, different situations call for different energies, and if we can understand the energies that already exist within ourselves, we can press into the archetype we need to embody. 

Lindsey’s Daily Rituals and Tips on How to Create Space for Yourself 

If you follow Lindsey on Instagram, you’ll immediately see how much of a complete boss she is. I asked her to share her everyday rituals and how she manages to be so productive while having fun in the process. 

“Most mornings you’ll find me reading, journaling, sitting with my husband Chris, but also really taking kind of some quiet time to myself. So that’s definitely like a constant in my life as well as moving my body. So for me, you know, like working out while yes, it keeps me in shape, but one of the biggest reasons I do it is because I get so much creativity by moving my body.”

Lindsey Mango 

I couldn’t agree with this enough. Moving your body is a great way to wake up in the morning and get those creative juices flowing. It immediately sets you up for success. And there are so many different ways to move. You could go on a walk, maybe start your morning at the gym, or maybe you twerk it out in your room! 

Another part of Lindsey’s daily ritual is setting containers for different parts of her life: business, relationships, etc. Her office is her space for work and getting shit done. Her computer stays in her office at night, not in her bedroom. She also keeps her phone plugged downstairs and keeps the door closed that she can be fully present with her husband and herself. 

Lindsey has been super intentional about creating containers and systems that support her values and her energy and really sticking to them. And I love that she shared how every room in her house has a different vibe and a different energy, because that ties beautifully back into the different archetypes that she represents, right? So CEO Lindsey has a space where she can go and feel like a CEO. And then, you know, the wifey version of Lindsey has a space and an energy that she can go and feel fully embodied in that energy as well. 

Babe, I encourage you to think about the different spaces in your home and the different archetypes you embody throughout the day. Are you mixing and matching? Are you acting like a CEO around your family? Are you not taking tasks seriously enough? If you feel an imbalance, it might be time to evaluate what energy you’re releasing in each space. Once you do that, you can adjust so that your highest self in every situation. 

How to Up Your Social Media Game and Attract Clients 

Time after time, Lindsey just effortlessly appears on social media and does an incredible job of calling in clients. I know there are women out there who feel overwhelmed by the social media world and feel like there are too many voices out there to be even heard. So I asked her what the secret is to appearing online and attracting business. This was her answer: 

“The way you’re going to attract and magnetize your people the most is surrounding your business with the stuff that makes you, you.”

Lindsey Mango 

When promoting her business, Lindsey realized that she wasn’t tapping into her uniqueness – her silly, goofy, pajama-loving side. One of the biggest notes of feedback she got from clients was that she was way more laid-back and funnier than she portrayed online. So she decided to tap into that and embrace her uniqueness.

We are in an age now where we’re moving away from these perfect, curated Instagram feeds. When I follow an entrepreneur on Instagram, of course I love hearing about their business, but I also love hearing about them. What did they have for lunch? Who are they hanging out with this weekend? We are in a space right now where we’re craving more of that human authenticity instead of staged content. And one way to create a deeper sense of connection with people is being vulnerable, right?

People buy products from people they feel like they can trust and relate to. It’s that simple. If you want to learn more from Linsey about branding and selling, you should definitely check out her podcast Anything But Average which is all about creating the results you want to see. Also, definitely check her out on Instagram to get a real-life example of showing up authentically and unapologetically on social media. 

And if you love this episode (which I know you will), make sure you tag Lindsey (@lindseymango_) and me (@themelissamartin) on Instagram and share your greatest takeaway so that we can both celebrate you. I am so so grateful for each and every one of you, and I hope this episode encourages you to show up as your highest self every single day.

Until next time, babe! 

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