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Do you ever wish you could feel at home no matter who you are with or where you are? It’s so easy to connect our identity to our location and our community. But in my experience, the people who tend to be the most free and successful are the people who can feel at home no matter where they are or who they’re with. In other words, they’re at home with themselves. 

How awesome would it feel to be that kind of person — so comfortable with yourself and confident in what you want and need that you feel at home anywhere with anyone? And can I just say that these kinds of people are the best kind of people to build your community? These kinds of people aren’t looking for a community to validate them. They’re looking for a community to pour value into. 

Today’s guest is that kind of person. Mickaela McNatt is a fiery and fun personality whose story will inspire you. Over the past 18 months, I have witnessed this woman literally transform her life and business by embodying her boldly courageous self. This transformation included selling pretty much everything she and her partner owned, moving out of their bougie high rise apartment in Denver, Colorado, to live a nomadic life in an RV. Through all this, she was able to find and create a true sense of home within her body, so that no matter where she is or who she’s with, she feels safe and settled. 

Who Is Mickaela McNatt?

Mickaela McNatt is an intuitive mentor, business coach, NLP practitioner, and Reiki master. After being in the coaching industry for over seven years in the fitness and business space, she scaled her own coaching business to six figures within one year, utilizing spirituality and mindset to create abundance. 

This journey led her to design and launch Magnify More & Co. to help female online coaches book out their coaching programs in alignment so that they can finally experience the financial and time freedom they desire and deserve in their life and business. 

If you’re an online coach who wants to take your business to the next level by creating money, magic, and elevating your mindset Mickaela is your girl! I know this will be a new favorite conversation on the Boldly Courageous podcast for many of you! 

Babe, get ready to learn what it feels like to live from your heart instead of your head, what you need to start doing if you want to fall in love with your life, and what’s required to leap safe-living to soulful-living. The best part is, you already have everything you need to do just that. Keep reading to find Mikayla’s secrets to unlocking your boldly courageous self!

What Living from Your Heart Feels Like 

For a lot of people — um, hello, speaking for a friend here — there’s this belief that material things and a consistent location or specific nest ground us and give us a sense of safety. But as long as we’re getting our sense of security and home from physical things, we’re not finding that place of safety and home in ourselves. The more we can find a sense of safety and home in ourselves, the more we will be able to live from our heart-space and fully express who we are. Mickaela and her partner Bryce are proof that the first step to living from your heart is deep soulful work. Over time, you can learn to feel at home in yourself, which paves the way to living from your heart.

“I have been on a journey for the past two and a half to three years in my spirituality and this idea of finding home within myself. Finding home and safety in this body in this present moment is a work in progress. It’s not like I’ve reached enlightenment. … [But] when you realize that home can be in your heart space and your own body, you begin to realize that it really doesn’t matter where you are because you’ve always got [home] with you.”

Mickaela McNatt

After you’ve done the work of finding a home in yourself, it will be easier to ask yourself, “Self, what do you want next? What feels good to you?” And because you’ve done the work of finding a home in yourself, you’re more likely to have the courage to honor what your self desires. Mickaela said when she finally got there, the experience was freeing and refreshing. 

Living from your heart is not what most of the world is doing, so it takes courage. Building that courage takes work. But it’s worth it  — so worth it. 

If You Don’t Love Your Life, You Need to Get Curious

The start of creating a life you love comes in two parts. First is a shift in awareness. Typically, this happens at a rock-bottom-moment. You start asking questions that challenge your current situation and reveal your true self. A strong sense of curiosity follows a shift in awareness. Here’s how Mickaela described her change in awareness which opened the door to curiosity in her life: 

“[When I] was living in my head [I was always doing] what made the most sense, or was going to make me look successful. [I was always thinking] what do my parents want? What do my partner’s parents think will be best for me? Like all of the ‘shoulds,’ right? That many of us have operated in for our entire existence and for many, many lives. I, too, was in that, and there’s, of course, nothing wrong with it. It’s an awareness. But I had that moment of, ‘I have been living and being, and operating for everybody else, but my damn self.’ … What the fuck? Why the actual fuck have I built my life for other people?!”

Mickaela McNatt

This is where you could, in all honesty, sit down and throw a pity party for yourself. Lots of people do, and they stay stuck in a life they know they don’t want. But I know that’s not you, babe! So own this realization that you’re not living the life you want and get curious like Mickaela:

“[Living from my heart was possible because] one the awareness piece, but two, it was inviting the curiosity of like, ‘What could it look like if I did begin to shift out of what do they want into, what do I want?’ … I think curiosity is a gift. It is one of the most beautiful things we can lean into. I started to get really curious about what would light me up, what would bring some joy back into my days, and what would bring some fire back into my life. It was a journey of gaining clarity around what my purpose is here. … What does [clarity and purpose for me] look like? What does that feel like? How can I begin to take action [toward that]? Right? Because action is important. Through all [of this, I] have built a beautiful purpose-driven life.”

Mickaela McNatt

Here’s a short practice that Mickaela recommends if you’re ready to connect with what your heart wants and start creating today:

  • Close your eyes for a moment and notice where your energy has been operating. Has it been in your mind, focused on what makes sense? Has it been in your shoulders, tight and constricted?
  • Now invite that energy down into your heart space for a moment. Repeat this thought to yourself, “My energy now enters into my heart space. And even if it’s just for a couple of moments, I’m going to let it linger here.” 
  • Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself, “What is it I really want? What feels good to me? What feels a little scary but lights me up and makes me a little fiery?”
  • If that thing you just thought of is something you can do right now, do it. If it’s bigger than buying a bar of chocolate or soaking in a bubble bath, write it down and take one step towards achieving it today. 

This is a beautiful practice that you can use to tap into the deeper parts of yourself at any time and begin honoring them. Each step you take towards being curious, hearing yourself, and moving toward the things your heart longs for you’ll be building a life from your heart.

How to Make the Leap from Safe-Living to Soulful-Living

When you start moving toward the things that feel good, the journey to those things doesn’t always feel good. For example, going through the transition of my marriage  in 2019 was what my soul told me would feel good, but the repercussions of that didn’t feel good at the moment. Fear creeps in, and we have these thoughts of, “What will my parents think if I’m single again?” “Will I want to kill my partner if we sell everything and live like nomads in an RV for the foreseeable future?” “How will I make money if I quit my job?” Mickaela experienced similar thoughts when she decided to let go of a previous career path.

“I had that very clear knowing that it was time to take the leap as we call it. However, the leap is not some cushy rainbow that appears in front of you and keeps you safe. … There’s a lot of humanness — a lot of true needs for safety that begin to make their appearance, right? No matter what it is, when you look deep enough, whether it’s ‘What’s mom going to say? What is my boss going to say? Where’s the money going to come from?’ … [it’s all rooted in a] basic need for safety, ‘Am I going to survive?’”

Mickaela McNatt

These moments require a balance between your divinity — which I believe is your connection to your higher self — and your humanness. The truth is, there are consequences to our soul’s decision. That’s why when you get this clear answer from your soul that says, ‘This is what I want,’ your human self immediately starts thinking about all the practicalities and repercussions of honoring your soul. It’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that living out your boldly courageous self in these moments requires balance.  

How to Hold Space for Fear and Still Take Action

Mickaela shared that whenever she experiences these moments of major fear and panic, she’s learned to navigate them with balance by looking at herself through the lens of pure love. Instead of being frustrated with herself for having scared thoughts, she looks at it as the voice of her younger self who was told that things wouldn’t work out, she wasn’t good enough, or there wasn’t a way to make that kind of money. 

“When you can begin to view that piece of yourself, like little baby Mickaela, then there’s immediately this lens of love. And you can begin to speak to that voice as your older, wiser, more loving, more compassionate self, who knows [there are] more resources are out there and more opportunities exist. … The worst thing you could do is, try to go full speed ahead and ignore that voice and you know, be mean to that voice and try to shut it down. … There’s a constant dance, right? You love on [your younger self], you allow her to speak. And then also I talked about this recently with a client. There’s also a time where we do push. We do begin to allow that fiery energy to rise and go forward.”

Mickaela McNatt

It’s good to have goals and desires that light a fire in your soul and come with a little bit of fear. Hang on to those goals. Instead of barreling through the fear, let it have a voice. Be gentle with yourself and take intentional action. More often than not, the voice of your younger self is afraid because she doesn’t know your new potential. Hear her and then show her the new you. 

Be Boldly Courageous with Mickaela McNatt

There you have it, babe  — all the permission you need to shift out of living in your head, wondering what everyone else is thinking and building a life by what looks good on paper. Let’s shift into soulful-living, getting curious about what our soul wants, and listening to that little voice inside of us with love and compassion. Here’s to finding a home in ourselves and embracing our boldly courageous selves today! 

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I love you. I see you. 

And until the next episode, keep living your boldly courageous life. 

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