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Full Moon and New Moon Rituals to Expand Your Business

Hi sis! Welcome back to another episode of the Boldly Courageous podcast! This is a podcast created for YOU — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m so grateful you’re here!

First of all, I just want to celebrate something. I don’t check the numbers on this podcast very often, because it really doesn’t matter whether I get ten downloads or ten million downloads. This podcast is just another way of sharing my message and pursuing my soul’s purpose. I’m happy to have an impact; however many people listen to these episodes!

That said, I happened to glance at the numbers recently, and since I launched this podcast in May, I’ve gotten 9,744 downloads! That’s amazing! I want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to listen to this podcast, and I want you to know that I honor you and I appreciate you for taking the time to listen to me.

Okay, with that little bit of celebration out of the way, I want to dive into my topic for today’s episode: full moon and new moon rituals.

Babe, you all know that I am here for the “woo woo” stuff. I really love learning about spirituality and different spiritual practices we can use to connect with ancient truths and elevate our lives to a whole new level.

That’s why I enjoy creating rituals around the full moon and the new moon. I think those two times of the month have their own unique energies, and I think tapping into those energies can help you create new opportunities for you — and not only in your business but in every area of your life! So let’s dive in and talk about some rituals you can do to cut cords of negative energy and welcome new abundance into your life!

Full Moon Rituals: What Do You Need to Release?

Think about a full moon. When the moon is full, it’s at its full potency, right? That’s when you can see the full circle, and nothing is hidden by shadow. The moon is as bright as it will be during its whole cycle, and it starts the process of emptying itself of light and moving to blackness.

As the moon is full of light and beginning to empty itself out, think about this: What are you over-full of that you need to release? What do you need to let go of? What energetic chords are holding you back?

This ritual is all about release and surrender. It’s about considering your limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, and unhelpful practices that you need to get rid of to bring in new abundance. This could be anything — maybe you still have an attachment to an old boyfriend that you need to release. Perhaps you’re clinging to the limiting belief that you are not worthy of abundance and you need to let that go. Maybe you’ve had an unhealthy money mindset and you need to break through that — whatever it is, full moon rituals are all about letting it go.

Once you’ve taken some time to meditate and get clear on what you need to let go of, it’s important to journal those things. Take out your notebook and start writing down your thoughts. At this step, I love to write letters. It can be so productive and beautiful to write letters to the people and things you need to let go of. And you heard me right — I said “things.” You could write a letter to money. You could write a letter to an old job. It doesn’t matter! Write letters to anything you need to say goodbye to.

How-To: Letter Writing

Okay, babes, I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled explanation of full moon rituals to give you a little “how-to” guide on the kind of letter writing I’m talking about here. Writing letters is a significant part of my full moon ritual, and I think it deserves a little special treatment.

There are a few things you want to include in a letter you’re writing as part of a full moon ritual. First off, you want to state your truth. Think about the person, thing, or limiting belief that you’re writing to and state why you need to let them go. Then, simply share how you feel. You can be as colorful and descriptive as you want here — the point is to get your feelings out there on the page and be completely honest.

Ask yourself questions like, “Why is this negative energy in my field?” Answer that honestly. What are you holding onto? Then ask yourself, “How am I at fault here?” Because the truth is, in any bad situation, you are at least a little bit at fault. Maybe you said “yes” to something you should have said “no” to, maybe you contributed to codependency, or maybe you didn’t correctly set boundaries. Whatever you did, it’s important to acknowledge and atone for those things.

And then finally, the most important thing you need to do in a full moon ritual letter is offer forgiveness. This part is absolutely essential. You must forgive the person or thing or idea you are letting go of in order to cut the cord of negative energy out of your life. 

So, to recap: When you’re writing a letter for a full moon ritual, make sure you state your truth, describe how you feel, acknowledge your own fault, and then offer forgiveness. Then you can be sure you’re acting out of an energy of love rather than resentment, and you’ll be calling more love into your life.

Full Moon Rituals: After the Letter Writing

Once I’ve written letters as part of a full moon ritual, I like to burn them. And remember — burn them in a safe way! I like to use the grill. I take my letters outside, and I like to take a crystal with me too. My favorite is rose quartz  — the crystal of the heart chakra, so I am approaching my ritual from a perspective of love. And then I carefully burn each letter.

I like to take each letter one at a time, carefully burn it, and send it out into the world in a vibration of love. When a letter is fully burned, I carefully burn the next letter, and so on until I get through them all. At the end, I say a little prayer and offer my thanks.

Then, once all the letters are burned, I recommend taking a bath. It is so restful and peaceful to sit and soak in an Epsom salt bath with some candles and some crystals. I like to breathe and imagine all the negativity of everything I just released sliding off my body, and I fully let everything go.

After all that, I take a shower just to rinse off anything that remains on my skin, and I go to sleep. I might say another prayer, read a book for a while, and say some gratitudes, but then I make sure to get some good sleep.

And that is the end of my full moon ritual! It’s a really beautiful process of letting go of the negative energies that are holding me back and making room in my mind and my heart for new abundance to come in. Now, remember — if some part of this ritual didn’t resonate with you, that’s fine! Remember to do what feels right. But I want to encourage you to perform a full moon ritual at the next full moon and consider what you might need to let go of. What’s keeping you from being as successful as you can be?

New Moon Rituals: What Do You Need to Call Into Your Life?

Now let’s talk about new moon rituals. What’s the difference? Well, what does a new moon look like? A new moon is when shadows fully cover the moon, and slowly it starts to fill up with light again. So, think about what you need to come in and fill you up. What do you want to call into your life? What new abundance do you want to receive?

My new moon ritual process starts the same way as my full moon ritual process — I meditate. I like to sit calmly with my thoughts and ask myself: “What do I want to be filled up with? What do I need to invite into my life? What are my desires?” And you guys, I just want you to know — your desires are divine. My spiritual coach, Haley Cole, told me that, and I think that’s just such a beautiful concept. I love the idea that my desires are divine.

And your desires could be for anything. I know for me and my business, I am energetically ready to receive four new clients. What are you ready to receive? What do you want to call into your life? Are you ready for new clients? Are you seeking a new relationship? Do you want more money or health or abundance? What are you prepared to receive?

Once you’re clear on your desires, again, it’s time to journal. And when you journal, it’s essential to anchor into your desires as if you already have them. When I do this part of the process, I like to tap into a little bit more of a masculine energy and start strategizing in my journal. I write down all the numbers and plan for the growth and expansion of my business in a lot of detail.

In that way, my new moon rituals are a lot like goal setting. They’re an opportunity for me to re-evaluate my desires and ambitions for my life and set new goals for myself. That’s why I don’t burn these pages of my journal! I keep these new goals that I write down and return to them until the next new moon when I re-evaluate and change my goals to fit my new needs.

Right now, I’m journaling about the new clients I’m going to bring into my business. I write things like, “I am so excited for these four women! I am grateful for the opportunity to impact their lives, and I can’t wait to see the great strides they make in their businesses.”

What do you need to write in your journal? What do you want to manifest in your life? During the next new moon, take some time to consider your goals and see what you need to bring into your life! Treat your divine desires with care and make sure you are energetically opened up to receive.

What Is in Alignment for You?

Babes, I hope you found this episode useful and empowering! If even one thing in this article resonated with you, that is a success! Try it on for size at the next new moon or full moon and see what works for you!

You may discover that you want to do something different from the rituals I described here — that’s great! The important thing is that we’re honoring the cycles of the moon and opening ourselves up to receive all good things together. Feel free to ask yourself, “What is in alignment for me?” and just go from there!

If you do decide to give one of both of these rituals a try, I’d love to hear about it! Share it on Instagram and tag me, @themelissamartin, or send me a DM. I want to celebrate with you and be your soul sister on this journey.

Thank you so much for joining me today, ladies! You boss babes are so incredible — you inspire me every day, and I hope this episode has inspired you too! Now get out there and live your boldly courageous life, and I’ll catch you next time!

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