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Flaunt Your Flaws with Rubi Skilton

Hi, beautiful! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who’s ready to step into the life she’s always dreamed of. I’m so grateful you’re here today for a very special episode! 

I’m so excited to introduce you to the behind-the-scenes unicorn for the Boldly Courageous podcast — my sound editor and friend Rubi Skilton! Rubi has been one of my biggest supporters on my journey to launch and share this podcast every week, and she’s one of the most inspirational people I know. 

I remember our very first conversation before I decided that I wanted to hire Rubi as my editor. I was so blown away by her light and her mission in this world — her overall energy and her story about being someone who has a physical difference. Her ability to be seen and want to inspire and help other people find their voice is just incredible. 

In this interview, we talked all about what it means to flaunt your flaws, get in touch with your inner child, and celebrate doing the scary things! Let’s get started!

Who Is Rubi Skilton? 

Rubi is a podcast producer, audio expert, limb difference advocate, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Rubi founded Podcast & Co, where she works with high-level entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers to help them not only connect with their audience on a deeper level but also have their voices heard. She is also the host of the Flaunt Your Flaws podcast, where she tackles topics around physical or emotional insecurity. 

Being born with a physical difference could have positioned Rubi’s life to go in a different direction. She could’ve fallen into the victim mentality and lived a life of “I wish I could…” but instead, she used her difference as fuel to become successful and impact others. 

Over the past year, Rubi’s been focused on building a community around Podcast & Co — and she’s starting to bring her story to more and more people.

“I have my clients that I love, and [I get] joy from working with them. [I’m] bringing someone into the team that’s editing with me and learning under me. I could kind of step away from [the company] just a little bit to dive really deep into my story. What I’m really being called to do is  to help others share their impact through podcasting, something I’m so passionate about.” – Rubi Skilton

Rubi has been instrumental in helping me record and launch Boldly Courageous, and I’m so excited to see what she does next! 

Flaunt Your Flaws

Rubi’s platform is so powerful because we all have flaws — things we don’t like about ourselves that we pick apart. Rubi has learned that flaunting those so-called “flaws” can move you from a place of fear, shame, and negativity to empowerment. 

“I noticed that the more I talked about my deaf friends and the more I shared my story, [the more I impacted] fully-abled people. I started to realize that flaunting your flaws does not apply just to something physical. Everyone has these ‘flaws’ that they don’t like about themselves, whether you think, ‘I’m too tall, I’m too short. I don’t like my hair. I don’t like my nose.’ We all have those things that we pick apart. Flaunting your flaws is really just stepping into your power, embracing who you are.” – Rubi Skilton

Flaunting your flaws is all about moving from a space of feeling ashamed and disempowered to stepping into your strengths. It’s about recognizing who you are and what makes you unique. When you can own your energy, you can turn whatever you thought was a disadvantage into your superpower!

Change the Narrative

Learning how to flaunt your flaws doesn’t happen overnight. Rubi said it took her ten years to embrace the things that make her unique. First, she had to break down these damaging scripts and patterns she picked up growing up. 

“For ten years I wore long sleeves… I had convinced myself that it was just my style. I liked wearing long sleeves. … We convince ourselves of a narrative. That’s not real. That’s someone else pushed on us, or it’s a narrative that we think someone else has of us.”  – Rubi Skilton

Rubi says that growing up, she convinced herself that her limb difference made her “less than.” She blamed herself for things like her sports team missing the playoffs, and she didn’t go to the school dance because she didn’t want to wear a strapless dress. Rubi says she backed herself into such a negative space that when she looked at photos of herself smiling — she didn’t recognize who that person was. 

It wasn’t until she started doing the inner work that Rubi found her voice. She listened to Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy podcast, and it resonated with her on such a deep level. Rubi immediately jumped in the car and drove to one of Lori’s speaking events in Arizona. 

“That’s really what started my journey of [understanding how I could] empower people. I said, ‘I’ve always wanted to impact people in some sort of way.’ I knew that’s what my mission was. But, I wasn’t embracing what was gifted to me by God. Stories forever make that impact. [That realization] started this whole journey.” – Rubi Skilton

Babe, this is why it’s so important to share your story! If Lori hadn’t leaned into her fear and started to share her story, Rubi wouldn’t have heard the wake up call and the permission for her to go do the same. That’s why it’s so important that we each flaunt our flaws and put our gifts out there.

Meet Your Inner Child

Something that Rubi and I are both working on right now is getting in touch with our inner children. If you’re not familiar with inner child work, I think Rubi explained it so nicely: 

“When something happens, we form a belief, whether it’s subconscious or consciously. We form those beliefs and we carry them. As the years go by, you add to that story. So what happens if you’re doing all the work externally and as an adult? Your little girl’s still scared. Your little girl still doesn’t understand why that happens — why your mom was working all this time, or why your dad wasn’t around or whatever. Your little girl might’ve not gotten the chance to have someone sit her down and explain, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on. This is what happens, and this is how you could deal with it.’ It’s almost your job to reparent yourself. Be that teacher, a friend, be whatever you mean to be to that little girl.” – Rubi Skilton

We grow up and subconsciously take on all these limiting beliefs that continue to control us and impact us well into adulthood. Unlearning some of those damaging patterns takes a lot of inner work and strength — but it’s so freeing. 

“Being able to have that open communication with your inner child is so, so magical because you can change really the stories around what you [feel]  and believe.” – Rubi Skilton

So often that little person inside of us who is scared, angry, or unloved is the person driving the bus. That person is making decisions and influencing our beliefs in ways we don’t even realize — if we’re not paying attention. But, when you start to show that person care, compassion, and consideration, you can truly change your narrative and step into your power. THIS is how you learn how to flaunt your flaws. 

Working with your inner child can lead to real alchemy and magic. The more you prove to that little girl, “Okay, we got this, we made it through that,” the more you can level up — it’s like a video game, where each challenge you confront prepares you to take on bigger, more impactful thing. 

“It’s just a reassurance [that] it’s okay to be seen regardless of where you are in your life. … It’s okay to be seen. It’s okay to be heard.” – Rubi Skilton

It’s this kind of work that leads to boldly courageous moments like the one Rubi just had recently! 

“I spoke for the first time at a live event this weekend, and [it] was just incredible sharing my story for the first time in that setting. …[My] biggest fear was actually going up and just being seen by people. It wasn’t so much telling my story. I have no problem sharing my story, but being seen by people and being in front of people in a tank top, which I haven’t done in a long time.” – Rubi Skilton

Rubi went from being afraid to leave her house in daylight to being strong and empowered enough to get on a stage in front of strangers and share her truth. Babe, that gives me goosebumps! It just goes to show that when you put in the time to care for and love your inner child, great things can happen. 

Be Boldly Courageous with Rubi Skilton

Babe, Rubi is such an inspiration — this episode is going to give you all the motivation you need! This woman is so full of light it’s impossible to not be impacted by this interview. Her excitement and positivity are contagious. 

“I am celebrating life. I am celebrating now. … I am celebrating the opportunity. … I’m celebrating all the breakthroughs. I am celebrating the new coming, I guess, if you want to call it, of really taking the blindfold off and seeing life for what it is and diving into that spiritual awakening. So I’m just really excited about life right now, regardless of whatever’s happening.” – Rubi Skilton

Honestly, the Boldly Courageous podcast would not be what it is without Rubi. I could not do this without her, and I’m so thankful and grateful for her support. Go follow Rubi on Instagram, @rubiskilton, and listen to Flaunt Your Flaws on Apple Podcasts

Share this episode with anyone who needs a little extra light and love these days. Tag Rubi, @rubiskilton, and me, @themelissamartin, on Instagram, and tell us your greatest takeaways from the episode! I’d love to see how you’re flaunting your flaws and embracing your individuality. 

Until next time, babe! Go out there and flaunt your flaws!

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