Enrolling Your Spouse in Your Vision to Create Massive Impact with Jenn Kennedy

How’s it going, love? I’m so grateful you’re here! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Do you ever wish your partner was involved in your vision? Maybe you’ve just launched an online business, and working with your spouse has always been a dream of yours. He already has a job, perhaps in the corporate world, and you know he would be happier working with you as a full-time entrepreneur.

But what about the money? What about the risk? What if the business doesn’t pan out? Often, a faulty money mindset can keep couples from co-creating together, so how do we get past that? 

If you’re wondering what the solution is, get excited because this episode is juicy and so helpful! I have my girl Jenn Kennedy on the show today, and she is bringing a ton of wisdom. We’re talking about two major things: How you can enroll your spouse in your vision for your business and how you can shift your money mindset for maximum impact. 

This might be one of my best interviews ever — I had more than one breakthrough myself, and I’m confident you’ll learn something too! Let’s get started!

Who Is Jenn Kennedy?

Jenn Kennedy is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and CEO of Impact to Income, a coaching program that helps you level up your impact of your business and your income as a result. After working for eight years as an elementary school teacher — and spending six of those years in training to be a principal — Jenn now teaches impact-driven coaches how to both start and scale their online businesses through her programs.

Jenn’s Impact to Income Academy and podcast, The Jenn Kennedy Show, are truly impacting lives and helping men and women to generate real wealth and create sustainable, generational change in their families. She’s also created real change in her own family by actually retiring her husband from his corporate job and bringing him into her business. Now, the two of them have purchased an RV, and they’re well on their way to making their first “million in a mobile home.”

Jenn and I first met at a mastermind, and we’ve actually gone on several trips together! When we were in Tulum, Mexico, with some other girlfriends, we recorded a group podcast episode about building strong female relationships, so make sure to check that out after finishing this post!

We get real in this episode. Jenn shared a story about her miscarriage back in February and how it gave her and her husband the opportunity to consider the life they wanted to have together and how they could grow through tragedy to become a stronger team. We also talked about what it looks like to enroll your spouse into your vision and how to make sure your money mindset is in the right place for maximum impact.

Sister, Jenn will inspire you. As I said before, this episode was transformative for me. This boss babe shoots straight, and she’s got some amazing wisdom to share. I know you’re going to love this episode as much as I did, so let’s dive in!

How Tragedy Brought the Kennedy Household Together 

What if someone gave you the opportunity to travel the country and run your guinness at the same time in your very own RV? Doesn’t that sound like an absolute dream? Jenn Kennedy is doing just that — taking boldly courageous action and stepping into her dream life with purpose: 

“[My boldly courageous action] recently was selling our home and buying an RV, having my husband quit his job, and we’re just traveling the U.S. We’re making a million dollars in a motorhome. So that was pretty boldly courageous of us. … I’m born and raised in Michigan. I’ve never left the state, and so the fact that I’m just like getting outside of my comfort zone completely and just taking the leap, that was super courageous.”

Jenn Kennedy

Buying an RV and traveling the country is a dream, but to do that, you have to sacrifice the stability of a permanent home. Not only that, but Jenn also retired her husband Pat from his corporate job so that he could work remotely with her. I was interested to hear more about their marriage and how they got to this place of working as a team, not only in life but also in business. 

“There were a couple, I guess you could say, catapults that really led us to get to this point in time, … one of them being, we had a miscarriage back in February. And during that process of just going through that, my husband was traveling a lot for work. So he was gone almost that entire month that we were going through that. And after that experience happened, we stopped, and we looked at each other, and we were like, ‘What is the life that we want to live?’… And we said that we wanted a life that we were going to live together because we have a great relationship.”

Jenn Kennedy

I was blown away by Jenn’s vulnerability in sharing the story of her miscarriage and how it brought her closer to her husband, Pat. After talking with each other, they realized that they wanted to work together to strengthen their relationship, improve their business, and make an even greater impact. 

Miscarriage is difficult to talk about, but I think that so many women benefit when those stories are shared. It was an extremely hard time for Jenn, but the tragedy brought her to a place of reevaluating what’s possible and what life she wanted to live. 

Working together has been a new season of growth and abundance for the Kennedy’s. They don’t operate by standard gender roles, but instead, they operate as a cohesive team — each working in their zone of genius and willing to help the other out when needed. 

“So we just have always said, like, ‘What does team Kennedy look like?’ Crystal clear communication. … [So Pat told me,] ‘You’ve been doing this now for two years. … I could not possibly get on your level. So like, let me come in with my strengths and zone of genius and enhance that.’ We really don’t have … that like competition as far as like, ‘I need to make more [money].’ Now, there is a strong boundary that needs to happen between ‘I’m a wife / we’re business partners.’ And with that, we do set really strong boundaries that are always needing to be communicated and then always needing to be reevaluated.”

Jenn Kennedy 

I don’t have a partner as of right now, but when I do, I want our relationship to look like Jenn and Pat’s! They are an amazing example of a couple who is working together as business partners but also living together as husband and wife. I think it’s so crucial to set boundaries when you find yourself in this position to ensure that your romantic relationship doesn’t bleed into your business relationship. If they didn’t have boundaries, it would be easy for their boss energy and spouse energy to get out of alignment!

So maybe you’re thinking, “Melissa, that sounds awesome, but how do I convince my spouse/partner to join me as my business partner? How do I enroll my spouse/partner in my vision?” Don’t worry, because Jenn had some major wisdom to drop on that as well!

How to Enroll Your Spouse in Your Vision 

When our visions for our businesses and careers start to expand, so does our impact. Naturally, we want those close to us to share this impact with us, so I was curious how Jenn initially got her husband Pat on board with her vision (and how we can do the same): 

“At first, he didn’t understand what [my vision] was. And I think that … the number one thing that will ruin your business is your money mindset. And the number two thing that will ruin your business is your spouse. … Number three is your environment. So I knew from a very, very early stage that I didn’t need his approval; however, I needed his support because if he didn’t support it and I was going to be running a business and growing in this home, it wasn’t going to be the right environment.” 

Jenn Kennedy

The most crucial step in enrolling your spouse in your vision is simply to make them aware of it! Jenn explained to Pat why she was building her business over Instagram and what impact she was hoping to have. She introduced him to her mentors and other women in her space who were making a similar impact. 

“I showed him success. And once he saw that, he was like, … “I’ve always believed in you. … I believe in you a hundred percent.” 

Jenn Kennedy 

Jenn didn’t expect her husband to blindly follow — instead, she showed him why she believed in her business so much. She gave him clear reasons as to why he should enroll in her vision. I love that she pointed out that she didn’t need his approval — she would create Impact to Income no matter what — but she did want his support. Now, Jenn and Pat share a unified vision:

“Our shared ‘why’ is that we are changing the generational future of our families and all of the families to come. And that’s exactly what we do for other people and other people’s businesses — we help them change the generational future of their families. Because I didn’t grow up with money. I grew up [with] divorced parents. We couldn’t afford a lot. And we were like, ‘That’s never going to be the problem anymore.’ We are changing the future of our families. Never again does anyone in these families have to worry about not being able to have an opportunity because of finances.” 

Jenn Kennedy 

I love that so much. Jenn is such a heart-centered entrepreneur who is truly making a difference. 

What is the ‘why’ of your business or career? What impact are you trying to make? Once you get clear about that, share that mission with your partner or spouse. Let them see how passionate you are about making a difference. 

But what if your spouse loves your mission but is hesitant to invest time or finances into your business? Jenn explained that it all comes down to money mindset. 

Fixing Your Money Mindset to Create an Impact

You all know that I love to talk about money mindset, and so does Jenn Kennedy! I see money mindset issues so often with network marketers — selling from a place of lack and fear rather than impact and abundance. When your spouse feels that negative energy, it transfers over to them, and they’re less likely to enroll in your vision. How do we stop this? The answer’s simple: We fix our money mindset. 

The first step in fixing your money mindset starts with simple awareness that you need to change it: 

“Number one is understanding it. … When it comes to money, 96% of your thoughts and your decisions in every single thing that you do every day is rooted in habits and rooted in your subconscious mind. … So much of [the way you view and use money] is rooted in your subconscious. … So go back and analyze your mind with money and your relationship with money and your ownership of money.” 

Jenn Kennedy

Sometimes we have a scarcity mindset without even knowing it! When we take the time to sit down and be present with our finances, we kick fear out of the driver’s seat. Now we are the ones in ownership of our money!

Babe, where is your money going? Is it going toward things that serve you? Is it going toward things that serve your mission and impact? Are you bleeding money in areas that don’t serve you? Literally, I go on dates with my money. I’ll check into a hotel, get a glass of wine, and sit down with my finances. 

Once you sit down with your finances, you can identify any resistance you may be feeling. Do you want to create an impact, but are you afraid to invest in that impact? Jenn explained that once you get aligned to your mission, spending money on your business will be exciting:

“The little decisions become so easy. It’s like, ‘Hey, this mastermind is a lot of money. It’s a huge investment for me to make, [but] will this get us closer to our end goal a hundred percent? Hell yes, it will! No-brainer! Invest the money! … ‘[But] do we really want to … mindlessly spend our money on things that don’t add to our future?’ Nope. Okay, perfect.”

Jenn Kennedy 

When your spouse sees how invested you are in your mission, it will inspire them. You’ll be vibing on a high frequency, and trust me, they will notice — they will want to be part of it! 

Be Boldly Courageous with Jenn Kennedy

I could literally talk to Jenn Kennedy for hours. This boss babe has so much wisdom to share, and I know that I personally got so much from our conversation. If you want to get into Jenn’s vortex (which I’m sure you do), check out her podcast The Jenn Kennedy Show, where she shares so much GOLDEN advice on building your business and living a life of impact. 

Also, definitely check out her Impact to Income Academy if you want more in-depth training about building your business, scaling your income, and creating a huge impact in the world! 

And if you loved this interview, let us know on Instagram! Tag Jenn, @thejennkennedy, and me, @themelissamartin, with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways! We would love to hear how you’re enrolling your spouse/partner in your vision! 

Before we wrap up, I want to leave you with one last piece of Jenn Kennedy wisdom: 

“I’m just celebrating the fact that there’s always been fear. There’s always been doubt. There’s always been uncertainty. There’s always been the knee-jerk reaction of how am I going to do this? … But I’ve chosen to just charge forward regardless. And I’ve chosen to do the hard, scary things. And I’m just really celebrating myself and in all of that because it hasn’t been easy. And I think that we need to celebrate ourselves first always because we don’t do that enough.” – Jenn Kennedy 

I hope that hits home for you today, babe. Always remember to celebrate yourself first.

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