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Energy Consciousness and Prosperity with Sandy Vo

Hi sis! Welcome back. Boldly Courageous is a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m glad you’re here today!

I’ve got one of the most incredible boss babes to share with you today! She’s my biz bestie, my personal role model, and basically an all-around goddess—Sandy Vo. This girl is so special. She’s taught me so much about how to live a more abundant and prosperous life, and I’m so excited to get to share her light and wisdom with all of you on this episode of the podcast!

And Sandy and I really do get into some fascinating stuff in our conversation. We talk a lot about one of everyone’s favorite buzzwords: prosperity. What does it look like to live a prosperous life? How can you be prosperous today? In the midst of this global shift we’re undergoing, how can we boldly step into the prosperous and fulfilled lives we were meant to live?

Sandy and I also get into energy consciousness, which is essential to living the prosperous life you’ve always dreamed of. What does it mean to be energy conscious? How can you discover and harness your energy? And can mastering energy to live a bold and abundant life actually be lighthearted and fun? (Spoilers: Yes, it can!)

If you’re a woman who is feeling tired, burnt out, or just generally unfulfilled, this episode is for you. Sandy shares so many beautiful nuggets of wisdom that I know will inspire you to step boldly into the courageous life you desire to live! So if you’re ready to take that step and start living a life of prosperity, abundance, and joy, read on!

Who Is Sandy Vo?

So as I mentioned earlier, Sandy Vo is an incredible and inspiring woman. I first met Sandy back in 2013 at a fitness competition. During the event, I watched as this courageous woman stood up on stage and sang a song dedicated to her cousin, who had passed away from leukemia, and I was immediately brought to tears. I lost my sister to leukemia, and I was instantly inspired by and connected to this woman who so bravely shared her story.

I walked up and introduced myself to Sandy, and just a few years later, we reconnected on our first girl date painting pottery. We were fast friends — and we immediately went in deep on things like family and relationships and trauma — and we’ve been business partners ever since.

From the beginning of our friendship, Sandy has taught me so much about what it looks like to live and serve from a place of alignment. She’s a true genius on the subject, and that’s why we decided to found our media brand and network, Ladies Aligned. Sandy has such a passion for helping women learn to meditate and harness their energy into productive action that will lead to a life of prosperity. I am absolutely thrilled to be on this journey with her.

In addition to being a meditation teacher who is absolutely devoted to serving you on your journey to self-realization, she’s the host of Prosperous the Podcast and founder of Prosperous: School of Self-realization. She’s also on the Board of SUNY Mindfulness Institute as a Mindfulness Educator for faculty, board, and students.

But don’t think for a minute that Sandy is modeling an unattainable level of productivity. In fact, one of her key messages is that you can and must learn to live a prosperous life without working too hard. Sandy struggled with depression and anxiety for much of her life, and eventually became an overachiever to numb the pain. She eventually found herself experiencing severe burnout, which led her to Yoga Science philosophy, spirituality, and meditation.

After being a student and teaching for a few years to hundreds of students, Sandy started her own business. Now, she mentors high performing women who desire to integrate grounding techniques, breakthrough emotional barriers, increase mental stamina, be more productive, and transcend the fears through spiritual growth so they can thrive in their business.

Sandy’s website describes her as a “success mentor for ambitious women who want it all.” Through her school, podcast, private mentorship, and retreats, Sandy lives out that purpose and genuinely helps her clients become the most prosperous versions of themselves. And today, she’s here to share her brilliance with you and me to help us all become the women we dream of being!

Finding Fulfillment in Your Work

Growing up, Sandy learned to follow the model her father set for her: work hard, make money. That was the philosophy she took into her young adult life, and how she ended up working in a sales job in the solar industry while continuing to teach meditation. She was working incredibly hard and earning a lot of money for a 23-year-old, but it just wasn’t enough. She wasn’t feeling fulfilled, and that led to burnout.

Often when we aren’t feeling fulfilled and we’re experiencing burnout, it’s because we’ve fallen for the same false narrative Sandy did. I mean, that’s the American Dream, right? Work as hard as you can to earn as much money as possible and make a better life for yourself and your family.

But that narrative doesn’t hold true. When you experience burnout like this and find yourself working at things that don’t bring you joy, you don’t experience prosperity or abundance, no matter how hard you’re working or how much money you make.

“I know that this sales job really wasn’t for me. I knew it. And I knew that it was bringing me income. I know that it was bringing me comfort, but I knew that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. … So from there, I finally decided to make the transition, quit that job, and transition into teaching meditation full-time and monetizing that on my own.”

Sandy Vo

Do you find yourself working more for a paycheck than for personal fulfillment? Sandy and I are here to tell you — it doesn’t have to be that way. Ask yourself, “What brings me joy? What is my life’s purpose?”

If you don’t have the answers to those questions yet, that just means it’s time for some self-reflection and a re-honing of your energy.

“It really does come down to your energy and your own fulfillment when you can become connected to your life’s calling or your life’s purpose, even if you don’t know what it is yet. … Your life purpose could be to love. Your life purpose could be to add more joy to someone’s life. But when you feel like you’re not connecting to that, then you become more out of alignment.”

Sandy Vo

If you want to live your life in alignment with yourself and your purpose, consider what brings you joy. Consider what you’re passionate about and find a way to go after it. Trust that the money will come to you, and boldly pursue your dream!

I mentioned that keyword “energy” earlier, but what does it really mean? What does it mean to harness your energy? Unsurprisingly, Sandy had some wonderfully wise words on the subject:

“So all energy consciousness is, is being aware of your energy and your energetic fields? So if you were to sit with yourself right now, and if you were to put your hands on your heart, and if you were to just feel your heart beating and feel your energy, what are some of the things that are coming up for you? What are you aware of in this moment?”

Sandy Vo

Pause your reading right now, and take a minute to do just what Sandy said — take a minute to sit with yourself and become aware of your energy. Sandy likes to say, “Self-care is being self-aware,” so take just a little time to feel your energy and become aware of your energy fields.

When you’re aware of your energy and how it affects different areas of your life, you begin to draw in other energy. You actually create new energy for yourself! And you can use that new energy to live boldly and reach prosperity.

“And so the energy consciousness model looks like this: Your energy creates your thoughts. Your thoughts create your beliefs. Your beliefs create your emotions. Your emotions create your words. Your words create your actions. And your actions create your destiny.”

Sandy Vo

Your energy is what defines you and ultimately defines your destiny. Living in alignment with your energy is so vital to fulfilling your life’s purpose and living in prosperity and abundance.

If you realize you’re not feeling fulfilled, ask yourself why. Is it because you want to feel more joy? If so, how can you elevate your energy level to experience more joy? Asking yourself those questions and choosing to act on your answers is the key to building a boldly courageous life.

Prosperity Can Be Playful

Babe, I hope you’re feeling inspired so far! I hope you feel encouraged to take a step back, practice self-care, and discover your energy for yourself. When you do that, you open so many opportunities to prosperity you would never find just by trying to work hard enough to earn enough money!

But here’s the thing: It’s to think of things like meditation and building self-awareness with a lot of seriousness. It makes sense — many of these practices require spending some time alone and being quiet with your thoughts. But my girl Sandy is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Your journey to prosperity can be playful, too!

“When I was younger, I played Mario World. And what I loved about Mario World is that you had a mission that was assigned to you. And when you go on the mission, you have to kill monsters, and every monster that you kill, you get some gold coins. … And so I like to think of life as [if] we’re on this mission, and we’re also in this virtual game and that we get to kill the monsters in our mind — the thoughts of fear and anger and rage and the grudges and the resentment and the bitterness — and we get to kill those monsters when we actually look at it and become aware of it and transform it into literally money, just like in the game.”

Sandy Vo

Leave it to Sandy to make life sound just as fun as Mario World! But what she says is true. When you take care of yourself and focus your energy on killing the monsters in your head — whatever negative feelings or habits are causing you to feel burned out — you can literally start manifesting more wealth and living a more prosperous life.

Sandy refers to this process as creating a “unique soul blueprint.” And your unique soul blueprint is who you are at the very core of your being.

“It’s really about exploring the dimensions of your soul and giving yourself permission to discover. And when I say discover, it’s removing all the covers, all the layers of everything that you thought you had to to be … so that you can just at your core essence be your true, authentic self.”

Sandy Vo

Who is your true, authentic self? What is your life’s purpose? Seriously babe, take some time for some serious self-discovery. And remember to make it playful! Living a prosperous life should be fun, and it can be if you discover your unique soul blueprint and lean into what brings you joy!

Be Boldly Courageous with Sandy Vo

Here’s the bottom-line definition of prosperity, according to Sandy Vo:

“So ultimately, to me, what prosperity means is being able to realize yourself at the highest level of consciousness and to be able to anchor into your truth and show up in that way through everything that you do.”

Sandy Vo

Prosperity isn’t about working hard. It isn’t about some false American Dream or about making as much money as you can. Prosperity is about knowing yourself, being aware of your energy, and finding fulfillment in the jobs, activities, and relationships that are part of your life’s purpose. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing from this boss babe today. Sandy is such a special person in my life. I love seeing her joy and passion bring so much light and life into the world! If you’re interested in connecting with her further, there are several ways to do that! One is to follow her on Instagram, @isandyvo. Seriously, go ahead and slide into her DM’s! She hangs out there all the time, and that’s a great way to reach out to her. 

Another excellent way to connect with Sandy is through her program Prosperous: School of Self-realization. This is a 90-day program for women who are burned out but still have the ambition and the desire to live a bold and aligned life. She’s still enrolling for a few more days, so go check out her website and consider enrolling! In fact, if you use the special code “podcast” she’ll even give you $99 off your tuition! How’s that for a great deal? I know that as with anything with Sandy, it’s going to be an incredible experience!

Thanks for checking out this episode! If you loved it, please tell your friends! Share this episode on Instagram, let me know what your biggest takeaway is, and tag me @themelissamartin and Sandy, @isandyvo, so that we can acknowledge and honor you!

I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Live boldly and courageously today, babes! I’ll talk to you soon.

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