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Creating a Soul-Centered Brand with Rachel Pesso

Hey love! Welcome back. Boldly Courageous is a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m glad you’re here!

For many people, the concept of creating your own brand can be scary. It’s something that takes confidence in yourself, knowing exactly how you want to portray who you are to the universe. Of course that’s intimidating! 

Personally, I found it challenging at first to tell my own story because I was looking through the lens of my own ego—the lens that included my insecurities and all of the other BS stories I had told myself. It’s hard to see yourself clearly through all that junk! 

Have you ever felt disconnected from what your personal brand is or unsure about where to even start when creating your brand? Well, you are not alone! That’s why today I brought along my dear friend and incredibly heart-centered human, Rachel Pesso. 

In this episode, Rachel and I talk about soulful branding. We go in deep into how your feminine essence matters in your business, how clarity is key, and how to incorporate vulnerability in your brand. This episode gave me so much insight into my own branding ventures, and I’m confident it will do this same for you! 

Who Is Rachel Pesso

Rachel Pesso is a brand storyteller, designer, and art director. She designs beautiful websites to showcase your big vision. With 10+ years of experience, she blends high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love to design who you are online. Recent clients include Lori Harder, Laverne Cox (Orange is The New Black), and Jadah Sellner. Each woman is a trailblazer leveraging her voice to create an irresistible impact in a world that deeply desires it.

What I love so much about Rachel is her amazing superpower to take something like self-branding and turn it into an incredibly soulful experience. She has really opened my eyes to how soulful branding can be, and how you can infuse your essence into your business. 

The Importance of Incorporating Your Feminine Essense in Your Brand 

Seems pretty courageous, right? I asked Rachel what was one boldly courageous thing she has done lately. 

“Well, I’ve actually been doing a lot of personal development, and part of that is being fully in my own kind of essence. So I’ve been doing a lot of de-structuring in my daily activities. I’ve been skipping my workout and doing swims and really letting go of the structure, which for me feels really courageous because I think that it can be really easy just to kind of stay in the zone as an entrepreneur. I need to actually break my structure, which can be kind of scary.”

Rachel Pesso

Isn’t it so easy to get caught up in the structure that you have created for yourself? So often, we forget to give ourselves permission to live in our feminine energy. I love the word essence because it exudes this feminine energy. Giving yourself permission to live out your feminine energy instead of staying entirely in the masculine mindset of “doing” is so healthy. 

It can generate an abundant amount of freedom and creativity in your life, which inevitably will flow into your business as well! For Rachel, living more in her feminine essence empowered her to have more fun, feel lighter, be more creative, and exude more energy. 

“I thought that I would get more energy from my hardcore Bootcamp workouts…but having a dance party or going for a swim has just been a thousand times more fulfilling! It’s super eye-opening…my creativity has been through the roof,” 

Rachel Pesso

I love this so much. It is easy to think that if you take time to nurture and honor what your soul really wants, your business will slow down. But I have found that this isn’t true! When we slow down and give ourselves permission to play, breathe, and take some space, our creativity and capacity to serve actually go into overdrive! Some of my most amazing work financially has come off the heels of rest, play, and permission. 

Exploring her feminine essence has given Rachel the creativity to define her brand more clearly and infuse it with the emotions that she has been experiencing. 

“It’s all about the emotional experience — how I want to feel, and how I want others to feel. So this is such a big piece, and it is so cool how it’s really connected….it’s not even intentional! It’s just natural in that sense. Stepping into the zones (of feminine essence) is how I want to emotionally feel all the time. Which (translates) into how I want to show up as a business owner and how I support and help people. It’s all energy.”

Rachel Pesso

So how do you want people to feel when they’re working with you or interacting with your brand? Your brand invites people into an emotional experience, whether through your website, social media, sales copy, or colors and fonts. It’s all a visceral encounter. Allowing your feminine essence to shine through that encounter can open up so many opportunities for creativity and empowerment in your branding ventures!

Clarity Is Key: The Foundational Piece to Defining Your Brand   

But what if you don’t have a defined brand to infuse that feminine energy into? I know that many of you may have fear around creating a website or putting a stake in this ground with your brand. Is there some resistance or confusion about what you want your presence to look like that is holding you back? Don’t worry! Rachel had some insightful tips to help with this very problem. The key is to find clarity about what you want your brand to look like before anything else. 

“In general, building a brand and a website can feel overwhelming because there are so many places to start. So I think that one of the best places to start is clarity — defining what it is that you’re building and creating from a connection standpoint… What are you creating and where do you want it to go? How is it going to make you feel once you’ve created it?… A lot of times, we’re building our brand and website without considering what we’re creating.”

Rachel Pesso

Clarity is everything. Knowing exactly what you want out of your brand is critical because it is so easy to go along a path where we may be creating something that does not necessarily align with our purpose. It’s easy to fall victim to imposter syndrome, thinking that your brand has to look a certain way or be perfect or mimic what other people are doing. Along with clarity, Rachel emphasized the importance of starting from an internal basis. 

“I think what happens a lot of times when we start to dive deep into our brand is that we look externally. In my opinion, that is one of the biggest mistakes. Because although (looking externally) can inspire us and helps us discover what we like..we need to get on our own path first and really define what we want to create. It’s super easy to get lost, thinking “Oh I should do this because a hundred other people are doing this,”

Rachel Pesso

I know how easy it is to look at what everyone else is doing around you! But I have found that I get the most clarity for my brand when I’m not scrolling social media or looking at other people’s websites. For me, the process of building my brand works better when I am journaling or giving myself more permission to play. And then an idea will come through. It will start to take on a life outside of me, with its own pulse and personality. Then I can look outward for ideas and inspiration. 

So think about the impact you want to create with your brand before anything else. Find clarity about your core values and exactly what emotions and ideas you want your brand to embody. That will enable you to build a much more cohesive brand that is aligned with your purpose! 

How to Infuse Vulnerability into Your Brand 

Ok, so you let your feminine essence flourish and have found clarity in your brand. Awesome! You are being boldly courageous and confidently asserting yourself to the universe. From here comes the question of vulnerability. As you all know, I strongly believe that vulnerability is the pathway to deep connection. I’m always real with you guys, and I think that is a vital tool to create genuine relationships. But how does our vulnerability play into our overall brand? Should our story be separate from our brand, or should we mix them together? Rachel answered this question beautifully. 

“Now more than ever, the relatability and vulnerability aspect of a business is so important because there are so many online businesses and brands and people that are trying to help. I think that our stories are what make us stand out…when we share pieces of ourselves that nobody knows, its a connection. It’s a huge way for people to emotionally connect with your brand. Emotional brand experiences are something I speak about a lot because overall, it’s all about how we’re making people feel,” 

Rachel Pesso

 I’m obsessed with this concept of vulnerability and sharing your personal experiences and stories to benefit others. After all, you never know who you could reach by being courageous and sharing your message! That being said, it is essential to keep that vulnerability relevant to your brand to ensure consistency. 

“There’s obviously sometimes a line. (Vulnerability) doesn’t mean to share every single personal thing in your life, you know? There’s truly no right or wrong in that sense, but I think when we’re talking about branding, you have to make sure that the story you are sharing is also in line with your brand concepts. If our whole thing is about connection and then you share a story that has nothing to do with connection, then there’s a disconnect. Overall, we just want to continuously make sure that what you are sharing is connected to the main points of clarity that you defined for your brand.”

Rachel Pesso

I have found that it’s often easy to be vulnerable and feel authentic when we show up on social media platforms. On Facebook and Instagram, we feel like our brand translates well because those are very vocal platforms with video components. But what about an actual website? Should you bring that vulnerability into your website to be consistent? Or should you even have a website when you have social media platforms? Rachel had answers for us here as well. 

“Many times Instagram and other social media platforms aren’t always going to be a place where you can have enough information for the user. A lot of times they’re looking for a little bit more, almost like with a book. If you read the cover, you would want to open the book and read more! That’s kind of what social media is. It’s the cover…but if people want to go deeper, they go into your website and get the full experience of your brand.”

Rachel Pesso

A website is where people can get the full experience of what you are offering. It is where they can find exactly how to work with you— where all the different pieces of your business come together! Rachel emphasized that it is important to incorporate an aspect of professionalism on your website to “look your best.” But it is also necessary to remember that your website doesn’t have to be perfect and posh! Having an aspect of vulnerability and reliability on your website helps keep your brand consistent. 

“Consistency in our branding is so important because if we are showing up a certain way on our social media and our website looks like this perfect present…people will be confused, thinking ‘wait, is this even the same person?’”

Rachel Pesso 

And that brings us full circle to the key point of clarity! Having that clarity initially will help you incorporate vulnerability in your brand while also maintaining consistency across different mediums of communication!

Be Boldly Courageous with Rachel Pesso

Babe, if you are in a place where you’ve been wanting to build a website or you are just lacking clarity around what your brand is — connect with Rachel! She has recently launched her project SoulThemes, which is a 14-day design experience for launching your unique and beautifully branded website using Rachel’s genius skills and Soul Themes templates. 

Are you an entrepreneur looking to level up your brand without the cost of a completely custom built website or the stress and less-than-professional look of a DIY approach? Soul Themes is the perfect design package for you, and I can personally say that it’s incredible. I’ve seen it first and been able to be a part of the creation process. You can also connect with Rachel on Instagram, where she hangs out a lot!

I hope that this episode inspires you to find clarity in how you want to inspire others and share the message that your soul needs to share! When our brand is congruent with our true message, we are able to impact so many people. So go out there and practice soulful branding! 

I am so grateful for you. It is my mission to empower women everywhere, and I need your support. Give this episode a listen, and please don’t hesitate to share it with someone you know needs to hear it. Also, let me know what your greatest takeaways are on Instagram and tag me and Rachel in your post! 

Go out there and live your boldly courageous life. I love you all.

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