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What’s up, babe?! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of! I am so grateful you are here!

Get a notebook out because this episode is loaded with good information! Today’s guest is all about meeting your spirit team, learning how to receive different types of communication, trusting your intuition, and exercising your divine power! 

My very special guest today is Haley Cole. In the past six months, Haley has been a spiritual guide and mentor to me, helping me to really connect with my intuitive gifts, my guides, and to tap into the future version of who I am. I’ve experienced such tremendous growth connecting with her and allowing her to help me navigate through my own gifts. I know you will get a TON out of this episode! 

Who Is Haley Cole?

Haley is a Golden Light Intuitive who started her spiritual journey at eight years old when she was introduced to various wonderful teachers. Throughout her childhood and young adult life, she continued learning about meditation, intuition, the chakras, angels, gods, goddesses, Ascended Masters, and more.

Haley’s spiritual journey started when she was just eight years old when she was introduced to teachers and teachings. Throughout her childhood and young adult life, she continued learning about meditation, utilizing her intuition, the chakras, angels, gods, goddesses, Ascended Masters, and more. At 16, she became a Reiki Master. She has now devoted her life to helping others discover their magic and gifts through her readings, podcast, coaching, speaking. 

What I love most about Haley is that she’s such a wise person with incredible gifts, but also lights up the room with this big, lighthearted, fun and welcoming energy. She’s a great guide for people who are just starting to learn about the spiritual world or getting in touch with their gifts. This whole new universe can sometimes feel unapproachable or scary, but Haley brings a lightheartedness to it all!  

Taking a Leap of Faith

My first question for Haley was — you guessed it — what’s something boldly courageous you’ve  done lately?

“Launching my Mystery School is pretty terrifying. Probably that one, cause that was really a big leap for me to do something like that. There’s been a lot of changes in my business that have been kind of scary for me to do, but it’s just felt like the right thing. There have been a lot of transitions lately that I’ve really had to take a leap of faith.”

Haley Cole

Transition is the name of the game right now, right babe?! A lot of people are having to pivot or transition due to COVID-19. Even in the midst of all this uncertainty, I’m having so many conversations with people who are launching something new or creating something new. Haley’s answer is perfect for what so many of us are going through right now.

Sometimes, babe, you know what the right thing is — you can just feel it in your body. That’s something Haley and I really dig into during this conversation. When the Universe is sending you a message, you have to be open to receive it! 

“We all have this like clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance that exists within all of us, but sometimes certain gifts manifest in a stronger way because that’s what you’re working on right now. For me, hearing has always been something that’s been very prominent for me. Now it’s turning into something else cause I need to work on something else.”

Haley Cole

What are you working on right now? What’s the universe trying to tell you? What message does your spirit team have for you? Take the time today to sit and listen, and open up your soul to receive the message. 

Tuning in to Your Spirit Team

Babe, if you’ve been curious about following your intuition and started exploring this world a little bit, you may have started hearing terms like archangels, spirit team, and guardian angels. Let’s break these terms down a little bit further for those who maybe are new to spirituality or want to learn a little bit more about what is a spirit team and who’s on it.

“So we always have one spirit guide who’s been assigned to us from the time that we’re born until the time that we’ve passed in this lifetime. Other people or beings or whatever, however you want to describe them, sub in and out. I compare it to playing sports. In a basketball game, you will have five people on the court and their skills are awesome for that game. But you might have to sub somebody out because a certain set of skills is better for the game. Someone will step in and someone will step out.”

Haley Cole

That’s kind of how your spirit guides work. Whatever you’re going through right now, certain people or beings will be there to guide you toward whatever it is you really need. 

“We will be put in situations or there’ll be lessons that propel you forward, and they’ll step in and help out with that and support you through that process. It’s nice to have a relationship with them because it’s like someone is always in your corner and someone is always cheering you on, supporting you, helping, guiding you. They’re never going to not do that. Their whole job is to support and love you and that to the best of their abilities. Sometimes they can’t always interfere when it has to do with karmic reasons, but they will always support and love you through whatever process you’re in.”

Haley Cole

Basically, your spirit team is your ultimate hype team. How great is that?! You have a team of spirit beings who want to see you succeed. Just remember that every time you need a little extra motivation to step into being the boss babe you are. Your spirit team is rooting for you! 

Meet Your Spirit Team

Who are these cosmic cheerleaders? Haley says they can be Ascended Masters, angels, archangels, loved ones who have crossed over, people you’ve had past lives with, gods, goddesses — just about anyone! Let’s break this down even more. Who are all these different spiritual beings!? 

“Ascended Masters are [those] who [have] ascended to a certain level of enlightenment. So when we think of Jesus, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, they were all Ascended Masters. They’re almost like these beacons of light to show us that anything is possible if you open your heart to the possibilities. They reaffirm that for us so they can really be on the other side to help us out.”

Haley Cole

How cool?! Mary Magdalene could be on your spirit team. And that’s not all — there’s a whole host of angels, archangels, gods, and goddesses that also help out. 

“Archangels are giant winged creatures that are literally just here to help and serve us. That’s literally what they were created for. As far as I know, there are 15 archangels and then there’s a lot of angels that work underneath them. Different angels and archangels serve different purposes. Archangel Michael, for example, is really good at helping you to find your voice, helping you to find your life purpose and protection.” – Haley Cole

Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and More: Receiving Messages from the Universe

Ok, so you have your spirit team. How can you open your heart, minds, and soul to receive information from these individuals? Haley says we all have the ability to be clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant. It’s just a question of practice. 

For me, I know I receive information through my body: whether it’s my ears ringing, hearing a little voice in my head, or feeling something physically, I know to trust that feeling and tap into it. It’s like tapping into your intuition. Your body is this amazing tuning fork and conductor for receiving information. Let’s go through these different ways you can activate your intuition real quick. 

“Clairaudience is the gift of hearing. If you’re clairaudient, you might be drawn to music, certain sounds, and vibrations. You’re probably very sensitive to music and sounds and vibrations. How you actually receive messages, especially in the beginning, is through songs through lyrics. So pay attention to it. ”

Haley Cole

Again, we all have these abilities, but you might naturally favor one way of receiving information more than the others. 

“Clairvoyance getting information through sight. A lot of people think this is like in movies when you see a dead person. That’s part of it, sure. But it’s not really something that happens when you’re first starting out. Children are just very naturally intuitive, but as you get older, clairvoyance is when you probably see like flashes of light or you’re very drawn to colors. Certain colors vibrate at a certain level to you.”

Haley Cole

You can develop your clairvoyance, Haley says, by doing Third Eye practices, which is awesome for intuition in general. It’s really helpful if you’re a clairvoyant because that’s pretty much seeing from your Third Eye.

“Clairsentience is the gift of feeling. If you’re a very empathic person, for example, or if you’re super, super sensitive to how other people feel. You probably even take it on as your own feeling. You might walk into a room or start talking with someone and all of a sudden, you just feel angry or sad. You might feel super joyful. It’s probably because you’re picking up on someone else’s feelings.”

Haley Cole

The last one: claircognizance. 

“Claircognizance, which is the gift of knowing, is one of my favorite gifts. It’s literally like if you’re talking to someone, it’s a gut feeling. You just know you might talk to them or you might often find yourself saying like, ‘you should stay away from a certain situation or maybe from a certain person.’ You just follow it.”

Haley Cole

You might experience one or all of these ways to receive messages. Everybody is intuitive. There’s no one who is more special than anyone else. If you want to develop these gifts, Haley says for her the best way is through meditation. I totally agree with her. For me, meditation is like this secret conversation that nobody else is privy to. There’s something beautiful in that! 

The Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

Haley has so much to teach us, but one thing I really wanted to learn from her is about the divine masculine and feminine. We hear these words a lot — this idea of masculine energy vs. feminine energy is totally entering the mainstream, and I love talking about it. 

A lot of you boss babes are out there crushing life right now. You are all entrepreneur queens! But sometimes, when we focus exclusively on our careers, our personal lives suffer. And understanding more about divine masculine and divine feminine energies can help you bring that imbalance back into alignment. 

“Divine feminine energy at its core is to create and to receive. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur, a lot of us are kind of taught from a young age, especially as women, to take on a more masculine essence. It’s still a beautiful essence: it’s the maker and the builder, like the sun. It helps with creation and life too. But we’re told that you can only work from that standpoint. If you’re trying to understand the balance between the two, especially as an entrepreneur, it’s the feminine side that is typically missing.”

Haley Cole

When we’re at our best — when we’re truly powerful — is when we’re able to bring together both energies. We need to accept and embrace our feminine energy fully to realize our true potential and manifest abundance. 

“Women tend to have this story told to them that receiving is bad. It’s a given: you have to be nurturing, you have to be giving. But in reality, receiving is actually the core of what the divine feminine is. If there are two people in the relationship who just want to build, build, build, it’s going to create an imbalance. One person might be trying to outdo the other one, or it’s just dudes just chilling on the couch together from an energy standpoint.”

Haley Cole

Are you ready to get out of your boss babe energy and into your goddess energy? I know I am! Haley says the easiest way to get into your divine feminine energy is to just breathe — literally. Stop for a second and do this with me. Literally just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Be still for a moment. 

“Just allow yourself in your heart to focus on light, coming out of it and allow it to open and just drop into your body a little bit more. Feel a little bit of softening. And when I say soft, it doesn’t mean you’re soft or you’re weak. It just means from a free and flowy standpoint, rather than rigid and tight.” 

Haley Cole

Babe, I have found so much success in breathing, or even just setting the intention. Transitions have been huge for me. I have to change my outfit, put my laptop away, transition out of the space, shower, go for a walk, do something. Even just breathing and visualizing like a shift in energy works for me.

If it takes a moment to find your breath and learn how to sit still, that’s totally cool. Here’s some encouragement from Haley:

“Just be patient with yourself. The key is to love yourself and go inward and honor who you are, each step of the way. Things just start to unfold because you trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you trust the messages that you’re receiving and you’re allowing your mind to be a little bit quieter because you’re coming from a much more healed and open place.”

Haley Cole

Be Boldly Courageous with Haley Cole

Babe, we talked about so much more in this episode. Trust me, you just need to hear the whole conversation. Haley has taught me so much about how to balance my energies, trust my intuition, and manifest abundance. I know she’ll have some insane insight that you can take with you into your business and personal relationships. 

If you want more from Haley, check out her Golden Light Mystery School, where she teaches more about how to connect with your spirit guides, how to do healing, and how the energetic system works. You should also check out her Instagram, @iamhaleycole — she does these amazing 15-second Oracle Readings all the time that I know will just give the right message you need to hear. And, to learn more about Haley, check out her website, https://www.shinewithhaley.com/.

If you loved this episode, please don’t hesitate to share it on social media and tag Haley and me in your post! Tell us your greatest takeaway and let us know how you are making space for your divine energies! 

Until next time, babe! Go live your boldly Courageous life! 

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