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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Joined Network Marketing

Hey beautiful! Welcome back to Boldly Courageous, a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I hope that you’re having an amazing day today, and I’m so grateful you have joined me on this journey!

I am buzzing with good energy right now because last night, I hosted a free masterclass on the three things you need to have long term success in network marketing. It was so incredible to see so many women show up for themselves and invest their time and energy into learning and growing. 

As I’ve been going all out to serve business owners in the networking marketing world — creating courses, hosting masterclasses, and connecting with you via Instagram DMs — there are a few lessons that stand out to me that I want to share with you. Regardless of the industry you’re in — coaching, fitness and nutrition, or network marketing — the mindset work is the same, right? It’s just the way you deliver your gifts or products that are different. But the foundational tools never change. 

So, whether you’re building a coaching business, fitness business, or network marketing business, this episode will give you seven mindset shifts to work on if you want to welcome abundance into your life with ease and sustain it. Heads up: I only cover four of them in the blog post, so if you want them all be sure to listen to the whole episode

My Network Marketing Experience (aka, why you can trust what I have to say)

My network marketing journey started in 2012 at a time in my life when I needed options. I had just lost my job after working in the financial service industry for over 15 years. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a high performer, probably like you are! I just know how to set goals and crush them. So, I was super valuable to my company and number one of my sales team. But my company decided to restructure, which ended in me losing my job. When I lost my job, I felt like I had lost my identity. 

After that, I worked really hard to find a job. I worked with a resume coach and placement agency. The unique challenge was that I had been working remotely for a company that was based in a different city. The very small town that I lived in didn’t have many companies that could pay me what I was worth, and quite frankly, what I needed to cover my living expenses.

It was an interesting conundrum that forced me to reimagine life. During all of that, I decided to do a fitness competition. And that’s when I was introduced to network marketing. At first, I was super resistant to the idea because I didn’t have an entrepreneurial mindset. I didn’t know a whole lot about being a business owner, either. I still believed that the stability of a corporate job with benefits was the right thing for me. Honestly, a lot of that speaks to where I was at with my relationship with money, but we’re getting into that in the next section. 

Fast forward eight years: I built a wildly successful networking marketing business, got myself out of over a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt, co-built  Ladies Aligned with Sandy Vo, and currently run my own coaching business. Jumping into network marketing and then pivoting my business when I was already successful was a scary step for sure, but one of the most life-giving ones, too. 

Now that I’ve made it to where I am today, I can see a few things that would have sped up my journey to abundance and success. That’s what I’m sharing with you today — four things I wish I had known when I joined network marketing so that you can speed up your journey to abundance and success. Actually there’s seven, but I couldn’t fit them into one blog post without turning it into a book, so I’m going to cover four of them here and you can learn about the other three by listening to the podcast episode! Ready? Let’s dive in!

#1. Feel Good About Your Business by Healing Your Relationship with Money

The first thing that I wish I knew when I started network marketing was that my relationship with money would hugely determine the relationship I had with my clients. When we haven’t healed our thoughts toward money — what it means to have money, save, and place value on something by exchanging money for it — we project that into the world, and it significantly affects the way that we show up in a sales environment.

For example, when I worked for a corporate company, I remember feeling like it was my job to sway the conversation to benefit me. After all, that is how I made money and earned the bonuses. But that always felt icky to me because I was coming from a place of lack and scarcity in two different ways.

First, I hadn’t learned what it meant to invest in myself financially and that it was okay to spend money on things that would make me happier or help me grow. In a sales conversation, I was literally asking people to do something — spend money — that I wouldn’t do. Secondly, I was running an inner dialogue that if I didn’t make the sale, I wouldn’t make money. In every sales conversation, people feel that energy, and quite frankly, it’s not a fun energy to be around. 

After I did the inner work of healing my relationship with money and understanding the difference between abundance and scarcity, selling and connecting with my clients became easier. It even feels enjoyable now because I know I’m showing up for myself and others in a healed and powerful way. 

Babe, learn to sell from a healed place of abundance and confidence. Once you do, you will literally be able to sell anything because you’ll be in the energy of service. 

#2. Work Less and Earn More by Clarifying Who You Want to Help

The second thing that I wish I had known when I started network marketing is that I literally can’t help everyone. This is why it’s important to find your niche. And, honestly, I think this ties back to healing our relationship with money. Instead of being focused on serving the people I was meant to help, I was focused on volume — helping as many people as possible, getting to the next rank as fast as possible, and making as much money as possible. That was unhealthy.

When I posted on social media or attended events, I was open to doing business with anyone. Even if it was a creeper on social media stalking my pictures, I was available for business. In other words, my content and strategy were targeted at everyone, so it didn’t truly speak to anyone. The benefit of this is you can make quick money. The downside is that your business and income will most likely not be stable, and whatever success you do achieve won’t be sustainable. 

When I finally decided to get really clear on who I enjoyed working with and leveraged my story, my business grew exponentially and sustained its growth. Because I was so focused on exactly what my expertise was and exactly who I served, I wasn’t spreading myself so thin and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I stopped working from 7AM to 11PM like I did when I first started. 

I felt organized, and my content became more streamlined. Results started happening more quickly because all my energy was aligned. It’s happening today in my current business, too. This whole year of 2020 has been about reimagining and rediscovering exactly who I want to serve and the most aligned way to show up for them. As a result, my content is speaking directly to my dream clients. I know because my DMs are blowing up. I feel more connected to my mission and the people I’m serving than ever before. And I’m having a hell of a lot of fun!

All that to say, if I was going to start networking marketing all over again, I would take a few weeks, maybe even months, to get super clear on who my dream customer is so that all my energy could be in one place. I think success would have come a lot quicker and with a lot less energetic expenditure. And I think the same will be true for you!

#3. Attract Your Dream Customers with Ease by Trusting Your Own Authority

The third thing I wish I had known when I joined network marketing was to trust my own authority. I spent a lot of time hiding behind the fact that I was over a hundred thousand dollars in debt. I was terrified that if I started talking about money, people would judge me. 

(Sidenote: Do you see how important it is to heal your money story? This point and the one before it required me to heal my money story — the first point of the post — for me to walk in the abundance and success I was meant for.) 

Once I started healing my relationship with money, the story I dreaded sharing actually became part of the service I provided to my dream customer. I was able to alchemize the energy of healing I had experienced and use my story to help others who were in the same place I had been. 

But it took me a long time to step into that power. There were so many moments where I would hear something or be told to do something, and in my gut, it felt out of alignment. I knew it didn’t feel authentic to me, but because I was insecure and not solid in my authority, I doubted myself, kept quiet, and played by the rules. 

This is so normal when you’re building confidence and trying something new like network marketing. But just because you’re new at something doesn’t mean you don’t have intuition guiding you. Just because someone is ahead of you in an area,, doesn’t mean what worked for them will work for you.  

Learn to listen and lean into your intuition. It’s usually right. And take a good close look at the stories you’re telling yourself that are preventing you from showing up in the world with healing energy. Often the stories we most dread sharing are the stories we were created to bring to the world. Take hold of those stories and do the inner work you need to do for a positive ending. Then be boldly courageous, share your story of transformation, and own your authority. 

#4. Build a Stable Business by Empowering Your Team to Do Scary Things

The fourth thing I wish I had known when I joined network marketing is that doing everything for my team actually doesn’t help them. Let’s back up here for a second. I used to be a super codependent person, meaning, I LOVED to help everybody. That meant network marketing was a perfect fit for me.

I regularly received text and calls that were like, “Melissa, can you do this?” “Melissa, can you help me with that?” “Melissa, what about this?” And I was like, “Oh, you need help? Sure, let me do that. Don’t worry. I got this!” It made me feel so freaking good. Every time I helped someone, I felt validated, important, and needed. Network marketing literally spoke all of my codependent love languages. It turns out that there’s a real fine line between empowering somebody to grow and disempowering them by creating a codependent relationship.

This is a line I see crossed in network marketing over and over again. Leaders want their team to thrive, so they make themselves available 24/7. Eventually, their team starts to rely on them to do everything. They never cultivate trust in themselves to own their authority and story. They don’t learn to navigate mistakes and build the belief that they’re capable of doing hard things. 

For example, I remember that whenever I had a call to do in network marketing, I would wait until my mentor was available to do it with me because I was so afraid that if I took the call myself, I would mess it up. Being in an environment that fostered codependency led to me losing confidence in myself and putting lots of stress on my upline because I depended on them so heavily. As a result, I built a team that put a lot of stress on me because they relied on me in the same way I relied on my upline. Every time I stepped in and saved the day, I robbed my team of learning and growing. I robbed them of the opportunity to build confidence and believe that their authenticity wins.

As I look back, I recognize tremendous value in allowing your team to make mistakes because that’s how they build confidence. Failure is the thing that helps all of us to reevaluate our strategy and refine our process. Then we’re able to duplicate the successful strategy over and over again until mastery.

So, if I were to do it again, I would empower my team to do scary stuff and make mistakes. It’s okay to fall on your face sometimes. It’s okay to let your team fall on their face sometimes. Instead of being the person who tirelessly steps in and saves the day, be the person who’s there to offer comfort and advice when your team does a face plant. Don’t do it for them. Be there for them so that they can become a more powerful version of themselves.

Why You Need to Listen to This Episode Right Now…

Sis, if you walk away with one thing from this message, let it be to focus on yourself, whether that’s healing your relationship with money or building belief in your authority and story. No matter what industry you’re in — coaching, network marketing, fitness, or nutrition — if you dig deep on either one of those, I truly believe you will experience a massive shift toward success in your life, business, and income.

For those of you who are like, “Wait, that’s not enough. I want more!” You’re in luck! Because I’m launching the Ignite Academy! It’s an online program specifically created to equip network marketers with the skills and mindset shifts you need to build a thriving and stable business. 

If that sounds like something you want, sign up for the Ignite Masterclass. We’re going to talk about the three things you MUST possess to experience success over the long term in network marketing. I’m only offering this masterclass for a few more days, so if you’re ready to see incredible results in your business (and life), don’t wait around! 

I hope this post gave you the tools you needed to uplevel your thinking, make changes that will positively impact your business, and encouraged you that even if you have a lot to learn, you CAN do this! If it did, send the link to a friend or take a screenshot and share it on Instagram. Tag me @themelissamartin, and let me know what you loved most about this post! And, if you want all the goodness, don’t forget to hop over to the podcast episode and catch the other three tips I shared. 

I’m looking forward to catching you in the next episode, Sis. Until then, keep living your boldly courageous life!

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