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4 Money Mindset Shifts That Will Rock Your World

Hi sis! Boldly Courageous is a podcast created for you — the ambitious woman who is ready to take action and step fully into the life you’ve always dreamed of. Welcome!

Today, we’re going to talk all about money mindset. You guys know that talking about money mindset and abundance is my jam. I truly believe that when you can take a hard, long look at your beliefs around money and start shifting your mindset, it has a domino effect on so many different areas of your life. 

If you’re stressed out in your personal relationships, struggling in your career, and can’t seem to move your business forward, you can trace that resistance often back to limiting beliefs surrounding money. Money is energy, and it can either feel really suffocating or super empowering, depending on your mindset surrounding it. 

Today, I’m going to share 4 money mindsets shifts with you that will literally rock your world. They will help you heal the relationship you have with money, feel way more empowered, actually build an incredible life, and feel abundant as fuck in the process — who doesn’t want that?

Get ready to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs, because money is something you should celebrate. Let’s go! 

Money Mindset Shift #1: Understand that Money is Energy 

You’ve heard me say this before: Money is energy. Understanding that fact is your #1 priority. Coaches, theorists, and experts will all tell you the same thing. So let’s follow this path for a second. If we subscribe to the idea that money is just energy, then we can alchemize that energy, any way we want. 

Energy can show up in several different forms. So from a physical perspective, the energy that you have throughout the day to care for yourself literally gives you life, right? Without energy, we die. So when I say that your energy is your number one priority, I’m referring to your physical energy and also your money as another energy.

Let’s illustrate this with some examples. Say that you’re managing a network marketing team, and you just don’t have the energy to recruit. It’s going to be extremely challenging for you to get on team calls or give your energy to other people. Or maybe you’re a podcaster, like me, and you need to show up on social media, create content, and be a thought leader in your space, but you have brain fog, you’re not eating well, and your sleep schedule is off. 

If you’re in a place where your physical energy is low, your body is going to suffer, AND your ability to make money is going to significantly decrease. If you’re burned out and trying to hustle, it’s just going to lead to more burnout. It leads to a place that feels out of alignment, and you’ll start attracting things into your business that you don’t necessarily want. In your personal life, you might even start attracting dysfunctional relationships or start manifesting physical illness. 

On the other hand, if you’re making your energy your number 1 priority — you’re exercising, giving your body nutrition, getting good sleep — then you’ll build self-respect, set boundaries, communicate effectively, and live a more aligned life. When you understand that money is energy, and you prioritize it, abundance flows so much more easily. 

After receiving that abundance, you now have the leverage to hire coaches, get into Masterminds, give back to nonprofits, and make a change in the world for things that really matter to you. You can invest that money back into things that create more energy for you, and then the beautiful cycle continues. 

Money Mindset Shift #2: Tap into the Frequency of Abundance 

Let’s talk about abundance. A lot of people assume that money = abundance, and this isn’t necessarily true. Abundance is less of a physical thing and more of a frequency — a vibration that every one of us has access to right now, regardless of how much money is in our bank accounts.

Money is not the end all be all. When it comes to living an abundant life, YOU get to define what that abundance feels like. And from that place, you can start to take action, calling in the money, love, experiences, job, or clients you desire.  

An abundance mindset is like a magnet, while a scarcity mindset pushes everything away. Back in 2019, my network marketing company restructured, and I lost all of my income. In addition, I transitioned out of my marriage. That year was full of a lot of rebuilding, and a majority of the rebuilding work wasn’t financial — it was energetic. 

I began slipping into a belief system rooted in fear and scarcity because I was basing my reality solely on the money in my bank account. My net worth became my self-worth, and I began operating from a place of fear. 

Babe, it’s SO important to take inventory of where you’re at throughout the year. If we never examine our belief systems, they never change. We need to get clear with ourselves that we have an abundance of love surrounding us. During my struggle, I began to see that I had friends, family members, and a support system I could call on. I looked at my physical environment and saw that I had the opportunity to go outside, breathe in the fresh air, and spend time in nature. I had the opportunity to sleep in a comfy bed, have a cell phone, and access the internet. I realized that even though my financial situation wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I had so much more abundance in my life than I thought. 

Abundance is a frequency that we can vibrate to at any time. And when we get into that frequency, we can actually attract more money into our life. When we step into this belief that we are already abundant, it becomes so much easier to manifest the things we desire. 

I’ve come across people in my life that look like they have it all — the fancy cars, the beautiful mansion, the gorgeous wardrobe — but on the inside, they’re not operating from a place of abundance. They feel fear around their money and even shame. They’re greedy and jealous and are constantly operating from a place of competition and fear. 

Babe, money does not equal abundance. Take inventory in your own life — are you operating on a frequency of abundance or scarcity? Even if your financial situation isn’t where you want it, you can still access abundance in so many other areas of your life, which will help you attract more money.

Money Mindset Shift #3: Do NOT Make Financial Decisions Based on Your Past

When we operate from old belief systems, we usually get stuck in a pattern of repeating money wounds over and over again. So for me, this looks like generating a lot of money into my business and then spending it all. The old me was used to these big swings of having lots of money and then losing it, which puts me back into a mindset of fear. 

To break out of this, I’ve started focusing on how future Melissa is going to treat her money. What kind of systems would she put in place? It’s common sense, right? If I act from my old paradigm, then I’m going to reap old results. If I act from a future reality, then I’ll receive those future results. 

Anchor into your future self. Close your eyes and imagine the woman you want to be. Imagine how you want to treat your money, and then start implementing that process in your present. As human beings, we like to flow through the path of least resistance, right? So why not make that energy circuit to our future self as simple and clear as we can? 

I want to challenge you to start asking yourself questions about your future self. What kind of systems does she use to manage her money? What kind of decisions does she make? Does she call in scarcity or does she call in abundance? Take some time to reflect on these questions, and you’ll be amazed by how your reflection will fuel changes in your present. 

Money Mindset Shift #4: Co-Create a Relationship with Your Money

This last mindset shift is probably my favorite.

All relationships take intentional time, effort, focus, and vision. Why should your relationship with money be any different? If you were in a romantic relationship with money, how would you describe it? Would it be super loving and co-creative? Or would it be super one-sided? Would there be an energy of excitement and abundance? Or would there be resentment, fear, or frustration? 

This is going to sound crazy, but imagine your money as a real living, breathing human being. It’s not just an abstract number — it’s a person. Are you treating that relationship with care, intention, and effort? 

This was a huge mindset shift for me because, for so long, I just ignored my money. There was so much resentment surrounding my finances that I tried to avoid thinking about it whenever possible. I didn’t sit down and create space to evaluate the numbers and assign meaning to them. I was acting in a low vibration that had low yielding results.

Every successful relationship takes two people — two energies — to create a healthy reality. And I realized that my relationship with my money only involved my negative energy, so I changed things up. I sat down with my money every single week, looked through my bank accounts, viewed my credit card statements and student loans, and got 100% clear on where I was spending and where I was making revenue. Then I started to journal down the limiting beliefs that were coming up so that I could pinpoint the problem to change it. 

These money dates have been game-changing for me, and I still do them to this day. Sometimes I’ll even go to a hotel or fancy restaurant!

At the end of the day, numbers are just numbers. We are the ones that assign meaning to them. Don’t let fear become that meaning. Get really clear on your goals, what abundance looks like for you, and get excited — because you’re one step closer to creating the life you desire! 

What Changes Are You Going to Make Today? 

So let’s review. Understand that your #1 priority is energy and that money is a form of energy. Believe that abundance is not a destination but a frequency. Anchor into your future self and operate from that mindset and not your past self. And lastly, co-create a healthy relationship with your money by giving it the attention and care that it needs!

Babe, I hope this episode is empowering to you. I know it can be triggering to talk about money (Trust me, I’ve been there), but it’s really something not to be afraid of. These 4 mindset shifts will help you step into your truly abundant self! 

I am so grateful that you’re here. Please share this episode on your social media and tag me @themelissamartin! I always want to hear your takeaways, and please share how you’re beginning to implement these mindset shifts in your life so that I can celebrate you!

Until next time, go live your boldly courageous life! 

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